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Yuga Labs Announced The First CryptoPunks Grant For A Punks-Centric Newsletter

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

On Friday, Yuga Labs announced that the company will be funding a newsletter that’ll focus on the CryptoPunks community.

“We’re excited to announce the first @cryptopunksNFTs grant to support the creation and maintenance of a Punks-centric newsletter, Yuga Labs tweeted. “Grant awardees @ricgalbraith and @lorepunkdoteth will capture important events as well as promote networking opportunities.”

After Yuga Labs announcement, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to lorepunkdoteth and found out a bit more about the newsletter dubbed “Punks Post.”

“Our goal is to make a handy digest in the Punks discord that our community can use to keep track of projects—and bring the amazing, creative, fruitful work of our community to the web3 scene at large.”

lorepunkdoteth then took to Twitter and shared her personal journey into the CryptoPunks community.

“A little announcement! @ricgalbraith and I are honoured to be the recipients of the first-ever Punks Grant to create and maintain a Punks-centric newsletter, Punks Post,” she tweeted. “When I was in bed one morning it occurred to me, like lightning from the sky, that I wanted a Punk. I went into the Punks discord and the crew helped me get my lovely #6825. It is, by far, the best purchase I have ever made. It gave me access to a community of builders, dreamers and artists. Punks are intertwined with the history of cryptoart, of Web3, of NFTs, and of a creative ethos that transcends brand and touches on what it means to be human in this ever-changing landscape.”

The Other CryptoPunk behind the Punks Post newsletter is Ricgalbraith.

following the Yuga Labs announcement, the Gazette reached out to Ricgalbraith and found out more about him and his plans for the newsletter.

"Super excited this end, Ricgalbraith told the Bored Ape Gazette. "I've been a punk for well over a year now and have been in the NFT / web3 space for nearly 2. My collaborations with digital artists go back years and my journalism goes back even more! I feel at home here, with punks, apes, meebits, and everyone else, it's my community, my people, my squad and now to receive this auspicious grant to be able to help propagate this space even further is a bit of a dream. So honoured to be part of this, humbled to be here with all the incredible degens, artists, communities and projects I know and have been part of, and I hope I do everyone proud in bringing the Punk community even further to life."

If you’re interested in checking out Lorepunkdoteth and Ricgalbraith’s Punks Post, head on over to the CryptoPunks Discord and check out the Newsletter channel.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Lorepunkdoteth and Ricgalbraith’s Punks Post. Stay tuned for updates!

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