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Yuga Labs' CTO Reiterated The Importance Of The Otherside For The Company's Long-Term Goals

The new Chief Technology Officer at Yuga Labs reflected on his first week in the role and reiterated the importance of the Otherside to the company’s long-term goals.

On Friday, Yuga Labs’ CTO Mike Seavers took to Twitter and shared a seven-part thread about community and emphasized the importance of the Otherside going forward.

“We will realize a more persistent @OthersideMeta, and my commitment as CTO is transparency and execution,” Seavers tweeted. “So here’s my vision of the principles we’ll focus on: 1. We will put our community first - always. Technology is an enabler, but shouldn’t be the focus, or even need to be visible. Our focus is on epic experiences. 2. To achieve that, we need our platform to be tech agnostic and open. Otherside will transcend any provider or technology to avoid walled gardens. 3. We need to do better on meeting the needs of our community globally, which means building to true global scale more effectively. We had to turn away eager Otherdeed owners from 2nd Trip, and that is unacceptable. We have very ambitious goals, and we have so much more in the vault than anyone has seen. As a result, we have work to do to live up to these values. More to come. LFG!”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs’ "persistent metaverse" is set to open later this year.

“The persistent world will be coming in 2023,” Garga said in an interview in October 2022. “There will be multiple experiences, many multiple experiences along the way, but the initial persistent world, where people will have full access to the initial customer experience will be in 2023.”

Since Garga’s persistent metaverse comments, Otherside Voyagers got to break on through to the Otherside during Yuga Labs’ second trip on March 25th, 2023.

Further, Improbable, the company working with Yuga Labs to make the Otherside a reality, recently held an impromptu metaverse event with Football Star Alex Zinchenko. During the event, they showcased the power of Improbable's M2 tech, which serves as the foundation for the development of the Otherside.

Following the success of last weekend's event, Improbable is hosting another metaverse meet up This Sunday and Voyagers are welcome to attend!

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to cover Seavers, the Otherside, and the Yuga Labs's goals as a company. Stay tuned for updates!

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