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Yuga Labs Explained The First Choice Voyagers Will Have To Make During LOTM This Summer

Yuga Labs gave Voyagers new information about the company’s upcoming Legends of The Mara game and broke down the first choice that they will have to make this summer.

On Tuesday, Yuga Labs shared a ten-part Twitter thread and a blog post from the company’s Chief Gaming Officer, Spencer Tucker, on the mechanics of the Legends of The Mara game.

“The strategy behind Legends of the Mara starts with the decisions we make as collectors,” Tucker wrote on Yuga Labs’ blog. “The game embraces a variety of different play styles, each with their own strategic advantages. The decisions you make as a Voyager will not only guide your journey but will influence the experience of other players in the ecosystem.”

The first decision that Voyagers will have to make when the game begins this summer will be which Vessel type (Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter) they would like to nest on their Otherdeed first.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, only one Vessel can nest on an Otherdeed at a time and the Vessel type that Voyagers choose to nest will transform into their first Mara.

Once a Vessel evolves into a Mara, the creature will then be able to perform its assigned task (farming, hunting, or enchanting) on a Voyager’s Otherdeed.

Yuga Labs and Tucker went on to explain the reasons why Voyagers should choose to nest a farming vessel and hunting vessel first.

“Why farm Sediment Fragments? Voyagers will have the opportunity to combine their Mara with Sediment Fragments and a Seasonal Catalyst to transform their Mara into a more powerful Kodamara, Yuga Labs wrote. “A Kodamara’s look, trait rarity, and game function are all influenced by Voyager’s choices.”

Take a look at the Kodamara evolution chart below:

After Yuga Labs explained why Voyagers would want to nest a farming Vessel first, the company then explained the benefits of nesting a hunter type Vessel.

“Why set your Mara to hunt? Otherside is under attack. Voyagers can deploy their Koda, Mara, and Kodamara to defend it from The Shattered, mysterious titans that awakened shortly after the Vessels descended. When a Shattered is defeated, it leaves behind a treasure. The more efficiently a Shattered is defeated, the more rare and exclusive the treasure.”

Yuga Lab ended today’s LOTM update by revealing that this summer’s game is only the first season of LOTM and that future seasons of the game will incorporate artifacts and resources.

“Season 1 of Otherside: Legends of the Mara will launch this summer. It’s just the beginning, and as we progress through Season 2 and beyond, the team plans to adapt and expand the game’s mechanics offerings,” Yuga Labs wrote.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, every Voyager is welcome to claim one vessel per Otherdeed they own here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you additional coverage of this week’s Legends of The Mara post. Stay tuned for updates!

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