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Yuga Labs Explained The 'Oda' Species That Inhabit The Otherside Today As Voyagers Prepare For LOTM!

As Voyagers get ready to embark on their next journey to Otherside for the Legends of The Mara game next week, Yuga Labs released new information about the Odas that inhabit the metaverse!

On Friday, Yuga Labs took to Twitter and revealed more information on Odas, which is a term that refers to all creatures of Otherside, and gave Voyagers a brief overview of the difference between Kodas, Maras, and Kodamaras.

“Introducing Oda, the inhabitants of Otherside,” Yuga Labs tweeted from their OthersideMeta accounrt. “Koda are Oda elders that can hunt, farm, and enchant — while Mara are single-role workers hatched from Vessels. When fed a Catalyst, they evolve into a Kodamara. Make the most of your Otherdeed by befriending them all.”

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Legends of The Mara game is set to begin next week on September 26th, and Voyagers will have to choose whether to nest a Farmer, Hunter, or Enchanter Mara Vessel first on their Otherdeed as Koda Holders start to play.

“Legends of the Mara Season 1 open beta goes live Sept. 26,” Yuga Labs tweeted last week. “During S1, hatch Mara. Koda holders, get a head start on farming Fragments and hunting Shattered. Beta loot will be mintable at the end of each season and include items for LoTM’s expanding gameplay.”

Remember, every Otherdeed holder can claim one Mara Vessel per Otherdeed they burn for an Otherdeed expanded NFT.

These Vessels can be nested and will eventually hatch a Mara. Farmer Vessels turn into Farmer Maras that work towards finding sediment fragments and a Seasonal Catalyst to transform Maras into a more powerful Kodamaras. Hunter Vessels turn into Hunter Maras who fight the Shattered and collect treasure, and Enchanter Vessels turn into Enchanter Maras who boost Hunter, and Famer Maras abilities perform their tasks.

For more information on claiming a Vessel and burning an Otherdeed for an Otherdeed Expanded NFT, please visit Yuga Labs’ website here:

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of Legends of The Mara. Stay tuned for updates!

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