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Yuga Labs Is Releasing A CryptoPunks Docuseries Next Month. Here's What You Need To Know:

A lot has happened across the Yugaverse and the expanded Web3 space in recent years, and it all started with the Punks. Now, Yuga Labs in association with NFT Now are releasing a docuseries to showcase the rise of the 10,000 24x24 pixel art images that took over the blockchain!

On Friday, Yuga Labs took to Twitter and announced that they’re teaming up with NFT Now to release a docuseries on the CryptoPunks collection next month.

“Introducing “Punks As Told By CryptoPunks,” the definitive docuseries accompanying our upcoming book collaboration with @zakgroup,” Yuga Labs tweeted via its CryptoPunks account. “Presented by @nftnow and CryptoPunks. Episode 1 drops on October 10th, 2023.”

Yuga Labs’ CryptoPunks docuseries will accompany their CryptoPunks book that was first announced earlier this year on June 23rd.

“The project will detail every Punk, pixel by pixel, along with contributions from iconic cultural figures in web3, digital art, design, and tech, like SnowFro, Beeple, 6529, Deafbeef, the Larva Labs founders themselves, and more,” Yuga Labs wrote in a press release back in June. “A true record of the vibrant community that helped shape CryptoPunks, the book will also feature content from the Punks community Discord and Twitter.”

The idea of a CryptPunk docuseries came up as Yuga Labs worked on this book, according to Yuga Labs' NaughtalieStone.

"As we started digging in with @larvalabs @yugalabs on the book we knew we wanted to share the process with you…I see this as an oral history in a lot of ways, captured in one place," she tweeted. "Thanks @nftnow for bringing this to life with us."

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ new CryptoPunks docuseries and upcoming book. Stay tuned for updates!

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