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Yuga Labs' Overarching Theme Is 'AT THE CLUBHOUSE,' According To The BAYC's Creative Director. Find Out More:

After the Bored Ape Yacht Club invited the community to check out its new nautical clubhouse website, the BAYC’s Creative Director explained that everything Yuga Labs is doing revolves around the idea of being 'AT THE CLUBHOUSE.'

On Wednesday, the BAYC took to Twitter and shared a comprehensive update on all things Ape, highlighting everything from its revamped website, featuring tons of information and bored Easter eggs, to the second iteration of its Community Council and the upcoming Apes Come Home Otherside event!



Following the BAYC’s overview post, the club’s Creative Director, Jeff Nicholas, took to Twitter and talked about the metaphorical BAYC clubhouse that appears whenever Apes get together and briefly touched on the idea of a physical clubhouse.


“Everything we do as BAYC is being refocused on an overarching narrative we’re calling “AT THE CLUBHOUSE,” Nicholas explained. “Where, more than a place, the Clubhouse takes its seat as the heartbeat of the club, just as BAYC is the heartbeat of @yugalabs. The Clubhouse is where we meet, vibe, collect, play, get weird, build and grow. The idea that the “Clubhouse” is wherever Apes gather around the world, online or IRL. (But also yes, at our IRL Clubhouse)”



Nicholas went on to say that creating this overarching narrative will take time and Apes will need to be patient.


“Fair warning, lots of what we’re planning will take some time and we’re not going to rush and compromise experience or quality,” he wrote. “We’re going to focus on improving communication, but at the same time we’re going to focus on ensuring we only talk about things we’re actually able to do so we don’t overpromise and under deliver. Talk is cheap, we want our actions moving forward to be the thing that speaks for us more often than not.”


While Nicholas’ tweet about “AT THE CLUBHOUSE” today was the first time this overarching narrative was ever overtly explained, the idea of the virtual and physical clubhouse being at the heart of Yuga Labs has loomed large over the swamp for since Roadmap 2.0 when the BAYC first announced its plan for an IRL clubhouse in Miami.


Since then, the idea of both virtual and physical clubhouses’ have come up from time to time around the swamp.


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Garga and Yuga Labs’ Chief Creative Officer, Michael Figge, texted about meeting at the Otherside clubhouse instead of doing a Zoom call last summer.



Further, Yuga Labs’ Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Alegre, confirmed that an in real life Clubhouse was still  in the works in October 2023.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ 'AT THE CLUBHOUSE’ narrative and will keep you posted on every aspect of it. Stay tuned for updates!

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