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Yuga Labs Updated HV-MTLs Metadata Today! Here's Whats Next For The Mechs!

A month after the Mechs ventured into the rift for the last time, and HV-MTL Holders cleaned up their last oil shit, Yuga Labs pushed a metadata update for the robotic creature, finalizing their Base and Effective Power Scores!

As the Yugaverse prepares for the beginning of Legends of The Mara season two tomorrow, Yuga Labs updated HV-MTL Forge Players' about their robots.

“Listen up HVs, you can now refresh your Metadata to view your Base & Effective Power Scores along with Shard Leaderboard & Max Energy Modifiers,” Yuga Labs tweeted from its gaming account this afternoon. “Keep in mind that these Modifiers do not carry any additional utility outside of the effect they have on your Final Power Score. The Effective Power Score factors in your Base Power Score along with Shard Leaderboard & Max Energy Modifiers. The AMP Modifier and thus Final Power Score earned for a specific HV will be reflected in the Metadata after upcoming activations.”

As Yuga Labs finalized the Mechs’ Base and Effective Power Scores today, HV-MTLs final scores will not be set in stone until after players have had the chance to either burn AMPs for Power Score modifiers.

“Any HV will be able to burn a minimum of 3 AMPs and up to 6 AMPs that will result in additional Power Score modifiers,” Yuga Labs explained on October 25th. “The number and rarity of AMPs burned will come into play as Hs make their way into Legends of the Mara.”

Take a look at the calculation that will be used to determine Mechs final power score:

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, HV-MTL Holders will need at least three AMPs to evolve their Mechs into the creatures' EVO2 forms.

While the Forge game may have ended, we know that the story of HV-MTLs has just begun.

Not only will HV-MTLs be making their way into the Legends of The Mara game at some point, but HV-MTLs will also be a part of a new mobile game that Yuga will debut next year, according to Yuga Labs Co-Founder Garga.

“I know we just wrapped up forge, and we’ve had something under our belts for a while here," Garga said at ApeFest 2023. "So, we have a partnership on a mobile first cross platform game coming in 2024 that’s been in development for over two years. I think it’s pretty sick and I think we are going to have a lot of fun all together. And don’t worry, it's skill based and there’s no voting. And obviously Apes Doggos, HVs, and mutants are coming along for the ride. We’re stoked for that.”

The Bored Ape Gazette is working to bring you continued coverage of the HV-MTL Forge and will let you know what’s next for the HVs. Stay tuned for updates!

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