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4500 Otherdeed Holders Went On The First Trip To The Otherside Today. Here's What Happened:

Otherdeed holders broke on through to the Otherside Saturday afternoon and explored Yuga Labs’ highly anticipated metaverse for the first time.

Over 4500 Voyagers made the “First Trip” to the Otherside Saturday afternoon.

Voyagers set sail for the Otherside at 12 P.M. EST and began their trip inside the “Infinity Space.” This was the same space that Voyagers visited during the Otherside’s load tests.

As thousands of Voyagers began to enter the Infinity Space, a massive Curtis (the Bored Ape Yacht Club's mascot) appeared and introduced the community to a Koda named “Blue.”

Minutes later, Blue opened a portal in the ground of the Infinity Space and Voyagers fell and jumped headfirst into the rainbow abyss.

As Voyagers went into the portal, they were transported to the Otherside for the first time.

After breaking through to the Otherside, Voyagers stampeded down a hill towards a jump launch pad.

Voyagers used the three launch pads and were then pushed towards a structure dubbed “The Sphere.”

As Voyagers piled into the makeshift stadium, a “meteor shower of Kodas” flew overhead and crash landed on the Otherside.

After the Kodas crashed, Curtis and Blue lead the thousands of Voyagers to save the Kodas mythical creatures.

While we still do not know what the fuck a Koda is, we do know that the mythical creatures that crashed are safe. After the resuce, Voyagers made their way back to The Sphere.

Once all the Voyagers were back, Curtis announced that the next part of the first trip was a treasure hunt. “Someone broke their glasses at NFT NYC, can you find them a new pair,” Curtis asked.

Voyagers quickly split up and began searching the swampland for the lost spectacles. Voyagers searched far and wide for five minutes before the glasses were found.

Many Voyagers believe that this treasure hunt is linked to the NFT project, 10KTF.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, 10KTF Tweeted a cryptic message yesterday night that lead users to believe it was connected to the Otherside.

“We need to get Wagmi-san new glasses first. Trip this up and he might be hurt like no other. Side step obstacles if you can. Meet me at in a sec,” 10KTF tweeted along with an image of an injured Wagmi-San and Wen Moon wearing a bored ape shirt.”

Based on the mission and the style of the glasses that users found, it appears that the 10KTF and Otherside connection is confirmed.

After Voyagers found the lost glasses, Curtis and Blue showed everyone the Shadowlands.

As the Voyagers marveled at the vast Shadowlands, a jump launch pad appeared, and Voyagers made their way over to the unknown region.

Once in the shadowlands, Voyagers worked together to power the Obelisks.

After the Obelisks were powered up, Blue, Curtis and the Voyagers got together for a quick group photo.

As the Voyagers took selfies to commemorate the First Trip, an evil Boss Koda flew overhead and attacked!

In an effort to defeat this mythical foe, Voyagers began to throw themselves at the Koda.

After an epic battle, the Voyagers defeated the evil Koda and returned to The Sphere and celebrated their victory with a dance party!

The First Trip then ended, and Voyagers returned to their real lives.

Following the First Trip, Yuga Labs released a new “litepaper” that broke down what Voyagers can expect going forward.

“This document serves as a starter guide for the Otherside, Yuga Labs tweeted from its OthersideMeta account. “It covers foundational principles of the platform, capabilities of its developers, and possibilities for community co-creation. It’s also a stepping stone. The contents of this litepaper will grow and change over time as the community provides input and helps build the Otherside. Eventually, it will be replaced by The Codex - the 2nd stage of the Voyager’s Journey, and a living document of the Otherside. Expect continual updates to this litepaper as Voyagers progress through the upcoming stages of The Voyager’s Journey and help shape the story of the Otherside. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait to build the future with our incredible community.”

Hours after the First Trip ended, OthersideMeta took to Twitter again and announced that every Otherdeed that was held by Voyagers who attended today’s First Trip has been updated.

“If you attended First Trip or watched the livestream today, the metadata on your dynamic Otherdeed NFT has been updated to record your participation in First Trip,” OthersideMeta tweeted. “Go to and connect the same wallet you used for the tech demo. You’ll see the "First Trip'' fragment of the Obelisk for each Otherdeed in that wallet - this is a visual representation of the updated metadata tied to your NFT/s. Note, the 1st stage of the Voyager’s Journey doesn’t end today! There will be several more “Trips”, aka tech demos, that Voyagers can take part in. To receive the first Obelisk piece Voyagers can participate in *any* of the Trips.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to keep you posted on all things Otherside and is working to bring you more stories about today’s first trip. Stay tuned for updates!

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