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A Day At Bora Boring: Shilly Debuted His Metaverse Music Venue Earlier This Week! Check It Out Here:

While Otherside singing sensation Shilly may be ‘boring’ the primate’s new metaverse music venue, Bora Boring, is anything but!

On Monday, Shilly launched Bora Boring, an interactive metaverse based venue where attendees can watch shows, go to festivals, and visit vendor tents as they stroll down the virtual boardwalk!

Bora Boring is a huge space that's filled characters and things to do like visiting the skatepark, climbing a giant eggplant, and even boarding an alien spaceship!

Earlier this week, Shilly and his manager, Shwaz, launched the space for the first time and put on a live show with ApeRaveClub. The event itself was highly engaging and visually appealing.

Following the event, the Bored Ape Gazette spoke to Shilly’s Manager Shwaz and he said that Bora Boring is only the beginning.

“This is V1 and we have a lot of plans to grow Bora Boring and its capabilities,” he said. “We want Bora Boring to be ground zero for live music in the metaverse.”

Every night this week (August 28th-September 1st) at 6 P.M. EST, Shilly and Shwaz will be hosting a live performance with guest from many different musical genres that will appeal to many different people! Take a look at this week’s Bora Boring performance schedule:

If you’re interested in attending the next Bora Boring event, you can visit the metaverse by following this link:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Shwaz and will keep you posted on what he’s building.

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