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A NEW DAY: Season One Of Serum City Came To An End. Here's How You Can Get Involved Before Season 2 Begins:

After four months of stealing, trading, and building a name for themselves on the streets of Serum City, the first season of this expanded Yugaverse game has come to an end, and winners can now mint their on-chain rewards!

It’s a new day in Serum City as season one of Novel Labs and Faraway Studio’s ApeCoin-powered, interoperable Web3 world builder game concludes, allowing victors to claim their rewards for climbing the ranks of the Cartel.

“Season 1 of Serum City has concluded,” the project tweeted today. “Cheers to all of our participants; you put in the work and it shows. Well played everyone. Shoutout to  @jtobcat,  @curtisjcummings, and  @GenePool_HQ , who were the top 3 scorers on our Season Points Leaderboard.”


Following the end of Season one today, Novel Labs and Faraway Studios will put the game in a 6-8 week developer mode to prepare for season two.

“During this time, all playable in-game features will be functional other than the ability to craft or burn Capsule of Kaos gear,” The game wrote on X. “Season 2 will launch with the following items carried over: minted Kaos gear, non-minted Kaos gear, Blessings, Soul Gems, Enchantments, Grade Boosters, and Containers. All other items will not carry over and your achievements will reset.”


As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the first two seasons of Serum City feature a $100,000 USD prize pool that players can earn for building their criminal organizations and making a name for themselves in this insane town!

Apes, Mutant Hounds, Mutant Cartel Oath NFT holders, Bored Ape Kennel Club Dogs, Hv-MTLs, Meebits, and G-Tag holders who have not yet claimed their Serum City passes can still do so for free, with Warm or Delegate wallet, here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Serum City and will let you know when season 2 officially begins. Stay tuned for updates!

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