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A STAR IS BORED: Shilly Released His First Music Video Today Titled "I'm Boring." Check It Out Here:

One of the brightest up and coming stars on the Otherside released their first music video today and it was anything but boring.

On Wednesday, Shilly, AKA Bored Ape #6722, released his new hit song and music video, "I'm Boring."

“The debut music video for “I’m Boring” by Shilly," the primates unpaid Manager Shwaz tweeted along with the music video. “Directed by @zendoubt+ @hkjay in collaboration with @AtriumNft.”

In the video Shilly is seen battling the duality of his personalities. On the one hand, he is boring, and he does mundane and uninteresting things. But on the other hand, when Shilly goes to sleep, the bored ape is transformed into his ideal self; until he wakes up and remembers, he’s boring!

Along with a catchy song and solid music video, Shilly’s unpaid Manager Shwaz also announced Shilly’s plan to become a “community produced recording artist.”

“So WTF is a Community Produced Recording Artist,” Shwaz tweeted. “Well, it means that behind Shilly will be a community of musicians, storytellers, music fans, dreamers, and believers (also Beliebers) to help take Shilly from Boredom to Stardom. I know that doesn't rhyme. Leave me alone. Using the majestic power of web3 we can create a new kind of music community. One where the earliest supporters are not just fans, but also collaborators who will co-write music with Shilly’s band, pitch stories that can be turned into songs, and vote on major band decisions. Those whose contributions are used in official releases will be credited and compensated because for a web3 music community to work the community must have a real stake in the success of the artist. Because the community is the artist. And the artist is the community. Get it?”

Shwaz went on to say that Shilly plans to hold a public mint to join the primate’s community project in late January 2023.

Following Shilly’s music video release and his project announcement, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to Shwaz to find out what it’s like to work for a star.

“Some might say it's embarrassing to be dumped by your digital identity only to be hired by him as an unpaid manager and umbrella holder but for me it's been a humbling experience to work with such a legend of his craft,” Shwaz said. “ I've been able to see first hand the work he has put into his music and I will stand loyally by his side on his path to greatness. Sorry I gotta go tuck him in to bed. Later!”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Shilly and will let you know when the primate releases more music!

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