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Animoca Brands Acquired Gaming Studio Darewise.Now The Studio Has Joined The BAYC, Wants To Use $Ape

Darewise, a European game studio that was acquired by Animoca Brands earlier this week recently joined the Bored Ape Yacht Club and has plans to integrate $Ape into its flagship game, Life Beyond.

“One day, one news,” Darewsie CEO Ben Charbit tweeted yesterday. “@Darewise is officially joining the @BoredApeYC and we are SO excited! We'll be supporting the @apecoin in @LifeBeyond and wait until you meet Franck in the Base of Operations on #Dolos!”

“Life Beyond is a play & earn multiplayer role playing game with fun action gameplay combined with self-expression, content creation and social experience on the blockchain, “according to the games website.

Following the acquisition by Animoca Brands, Life Beyond tweeted that it was excited to join the BAYC and teased a “bridge” between its world and the Otherside metaverse.

“Hi there,” Life Beyond tweeted following the acquisition by Animoca Brands. “Meet Franck, the first official Bored Ape joining Life Beyond’s family! Imagine a bridge joining the crazy universe of the @BoredApeYC and ours? Who knows, maybe someday you’ll see some very bored and very mutant Apes wandering on Dolos.”

Franck AKA Bored Ape #2397 is Darewise’s bored ape. Bored Ape #2397 is a seven-trait zombie fur primate with scumbag eyes and a tanktop. The company purchased the zombie primate on April 13th for 135 Eth.

Following the acquisition of Darewise, Animoca Brands Chairman and $Ape Coin Board Member, Yat Siu ,took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the acquisition.

“Incredibly excited to announce that the incredibly talented team at @Darewise creators of the #AAA #MMORPG @LifeBeyond and expert builders of online worlds is joining the @animocabrands fam a quick as to the reasons #NFT #blockchaingames. The team behind @Darewise has one of the most storied and experienced AAA development backgrounds having worked on @assassinscreed @fable @TheDivisionGame @Crytek Black & White which will help level-up our collective experiences in #gaming #mmo #nft. Led by @Ben_Charbit @kahncode @Vincemarty the #mmo #openmetaverse they are building @LifeBeyond is both ambitious as it is beautiful built with @UnrealEngine you can learn more about it and join their community over at: #NFTs. The level of expertise @Darewise will deliver to the broader #gaming #NFTs ecosystem and the wider @animocabrands family of companies will be amazing. Expect many collaborations, partnerships and interoperable experiences + highest level of quality. Learn more about @LifeBeyond and see for yourself its already in closed alpha some early gameplay videos and livestreams available on their channel #openmetaverse #NFTCommunity @animocabrands #nftgames.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Darewise and Animoca Brands and let you know when more information about any upcoming projects becomes available.

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