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APE IN: ThankApe Is Giving Bored Ape Yacht Club Members The Chance To Earn Up To 30 $Ape& Three Bored Badges For Signing Up For Otherpage's Platform!

Bored Ape Yacht Club members can earn some $Ape by signing up for Otherpage’s platform, setting up their accounts, and getting to know their Web3 friends as part of this new ThankApe opportunity!

Longtime BAYC members, Made By Apes builders, and Otherpage users can now earn up to 30 $Ape and three Bored Badges on their Otherpage profiles, courtesy of ThankApe, who has teamed up with Otherpage to encourage Bored Apes to sign up and use this Made By Apes social media platform. 

“We are excited to announce an awesome new integration with our friends at @OtherPageHQ,” ThankApe tweeted this afternoon. “Together we have created three unique badges that collectors and contributors can earn on their http://Other.Page profiles and unlock APE rewards through Thank APE. 1. Profile Ace: A badge for successfully creating your Other Page profile. Reward = 5 APE 2. Loyal Ape : A badge with three tiers based on how long a collector has owned a BAYC. Reward = Up to 15 APE 3. The "MBA" Badge : A badge for all MBA licensees. Reward = 10 APE Make sure to set up your Thank APE profile in order to qualify for these rewards when claiming your badges!”

“When we first released badges, we mentioned we had spent the past year thoughtfully designing an entire badge system,” Otherpage Head of Business Development Taylor Nelson tweeted following the announcement. “Earning tokenized rewards for badge completion was always a natural progression and component of the model. Teaming up with @ThankApe was a perfect fit, and we're stoked to be working with them to reward community members with @apecoin for their collector achievements! We're rolling out aspects of the full badge system in stages. Got some pretty wild concepts still in the works for badges and their utility, so stay tuned Also, wanna give a huge shoutout to @MeiravHaber for her awesome design of the Loyal Ape badge!”


While Apes are the ones getting additional rewards for ape-ing onto the Otherpage platform today, they are not the only NFT that is invited to join the site and share their J-Pegs backstory and affiliations with their online frens.


At the  time of this article’s publication, Otherpage is currently open to Mutants, Kodas, Kodamaras, Mechs, Mocas, Meebits, Punks, BAKC Dogs, Grailed, Sentinels, Mutant Hounds, World Of Women, Rengas, Wizards, and Toads who can set up their accounts here:

New Bored Badges and a partnership with ThankApe aren’t the only things that Otherpage has recently announced.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the platform invited Mocaverse NFT holders to join the website on Monday and Otherpage gave BAYC members the ability  to animate their Ape with the push of a button on Tuesday!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Otherpage and ThankApe and will let you know what these projects do next. Stay tuned for updates!


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Carlos Gucci
May 31

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