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APE Profile: Bored Ape #4928 and the Bored Ape Kids Club

As the Bored Ape Yacht club has grown, many members have been left wondering what to do with their children. Thankfully, this ape has them covered.

Bored Ape #4928 started the Bored Ape Kids Club with the simple mission of giving apes more free time to enjoy their boring days.

“I'm just a normal ape. and open small ape business ‘Bored Ape Kids Club.’ Leave your kids with me and you will be free all day,” Bored Ape #4928’ twitter bio says.

Bored Ape #4928 decided to start the kids club after showing off his bored ape in a discord where some women didn’t think his ape was cute.

“I went to discord community in my country and share with everyone how cool our bored ape is, but everyone (almost female) said that bored ape is not cute at all,” Bored Ape #4928 said. “They see the value but don’t want to own it because of it looks. So I think I have to do something to show how cute our ape can be.”

Because the BAYC grants individual owners full IP rights over their apes, Bored Ape #4928 saw a real opportunity to make cute childlike versions of BAYC members apes.

Bored Ape #4928’s kids club quickly grew in popularity as many apes enjoyed his cute animated take on their apes.

“I never expected to get very positive and encourage feedback like this before, Bored Ape #4928 said. “It’s so amazing that I can make cute apes every day of my life. I want to thanks BAYC and all ape community that so strong together”

Since opening the kids club, Bored Ape #4928 has created 100 kids club apes, including version’s for some notable BAYC members.

“The best part are community that our kids club build together with kids parent and everyone,” Bored Ape #4928 said. “I never expected in my life that I can chat with NBA star player such as Josh Hart, or many inspiring people and ideas that come to support and help such as Dingaling, Kyloren, Ape DAO community, Justin Taylor, Ryan Freedman, Tony, and many more to help and improve our kids club.”

Making cartoons and animated art is nothing new to Bored Ape #4928, in fact it’s his day job.

“Actually before become an ape, I’m an artist in entertainment industry for almost 15 years, Bored Ape #4928 said. “I worked with Netflix animation , Sony animation “Wish Dragon” , illumination (unannounced feature film) Laika animation. I also lead character designer of upcoming PS5 game “Kena Bridge of Spirits” and many animated commercial such as Disney game, Clash of Clane, Chick-Fil-A Here is my website :”

Going forward, Bored Ape #4928 is opening up the kids club for its second semester. In order to sign your ape up, BAYC members will have to purchase the classes required text book, “Apevolution.” Purchasing the text book entitles the holder to 1 text book NFT and 1 kid ape creation. In total there will be 100 textbooks available for purchase for .18 Eth. The Kids Club’s textbooks will go on sale July 31,2021.

For more information on the kids club, be sure to follow Bored Ape 4928 on Twitter @boredape4928. Also, check out Bored Ape #4928 on Opensea here:

Check out more details on the Bored Ape Kids Club second semester here:

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Roma Padun
Roma Padun
16 oct. 2023

What's even more exciting is the introduction of the Bored Ape Kids Club, catering to the younger generation. With all4kidsonline, a company specializing in children's products, on board, the Bored Ape Kids Club promises a creative and wholesome experience for kids. It's a fantastic initiative that bridges the gap between digital art and the younger audience, promoting both creativity and responsible online engagement.

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