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APE SPOTLIGHT: This Group Of French Bored Apes Created Their Own French Speaking BAYC Community:

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

On December 5th, 2021, a group of “French Degens” decided to leave their What’s App chat and set sail for the French Ape Yacht!

Bored Ape Yacht Club member Frenchie AKA Bored Ape #8042 and a few French friends were chatting in a What’s App when suddenly they decided to make a new community of French speaking apes dubbed, The French Ape Yacht Club.

Frenchie and his friends’ goal for their new community was simple; to create a network for French speaking BAYC members to connect with one another and provide real world utility to French speaking apes!

“The French Ape Yacht Club adds a local level to the #BAYC community and generates a direct social utility for members,” Frenchie told the Bored Ape Gazette. “NFT space can be an exhaustive and solitary journey. In our group we all try to support each other on a daily basis regardless of the subject discussed from the blockchain to the broken heart. No more lonely degening for our members.”

Since starting the group, the French Ape Yacht Club has grown into a diverse community with over 100 active members.

“Growth was fast and organic,” Frenchie said. “We are now about 100 members that connect everyday. Made up of French, but also Belgians, Swiss, Canadians and more. Our members have very different profiles, from 16 to 50 years old, from students to professional athletes or CEO of big companies, we are one!”

The Bored Ape Gazette spoke with Frenchie and found out more about the French ape Yacht Club. See what Frenchie had to say about the groups impact on his life. Also, find out how you can get in contact with the French Ape Yacht Club the next time you’re in France!

1: How has the French Ape Yacht club impacted your life/experience?

“Being a BAYC member has been life-changing. Being a French Ape Yacht Club member adds a second layer, more local in a daily routine, to the membership. This group is now a real group of friends, most of whom meet frequently IRL. In a few months, being together has already created many crossover opportunities for our members. Having access to a solid network of people with various profiles and skills makes the crypto/nft journey much easier and entertaining. Let’s not forget to enjoy the ride!”

2: What do you want to tell to the broader BAYC community about the French Ape Yacht Club?

“If you are French speaking come join us ! If you are not, then find or build your own national BAYC community and let’s share together. This all movement is about building and sharing we want to encourage it as max as possible. One more thing, we are cooking something big for 2023 in France so stay tuned for more info.”

3: Can Apes reach out to you guys when they are in France?

“No they cannot , they must ! We promote IRL meeting as much as virtual life, and we would love to have foreign members in our meetings as much as we try to meet members when we are overseas. Apes together strong.”

For more information on the French ape Yacht Club, be sure to follow the group on Twitter @FrenchApeYC. The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the French Ape Yacht Club and will keep you posted on what the group is planning in 2023!

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