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ApeCoin DAO Contributors Who Stake Their Coins On BendDAO Can Now Vote At The DAO!

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who stake their $Ape on BendDAO can now vote and participate in the ApeCoin DAO governance process!

In September, the ApeCoin community voted in favor of Ape Improvement Proposal 310, granting ApeCoin DAO Contributors who staked their coins on BendDAO’s protocol the ability to vote.

Eight weeks after this vote, BendDAO announced that its users could start casting their coins at the ApeCoin DAO.

“Thanks to the approval of AIP-310, all staked #ApeCoin on BendDAO, including unclaimed rewards, can now participate in #AIP voting,” BendDAO tweeted on November 10th.

“It's great to see that voting has finally gone live for BendDAO,” ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member and AIP-310 author BoredApeG told the Gazette. “This has been a long time coming, having worked on this since the start of my term. We still have a lot of education left to go in order to inform and encourage all users to participate in voting.”

ApeCoin DAO Contributors who use BendDAO to stake their coins do not need to do anything other than go to ApeCoin's website to participate in the DAO, according to BendDAO.

“The ApeCoin staked through BendDAO is automatically accounted for during voting, requiring NO additional user action,” BendDAO told the Gazette. “However, it's essential to keep in mind the since staking rewards continuously accrue, and voting power is determined at the moment a proposal is created, the voting power at the time of voting and the amount of $APE that can be withdrawn from BendDAO by users may differ.”

BendDAO isn’t the only staking protocol whose users will be able to vote at the ApeCoin DAO. BoredApeG, who also wrote AIPs to allow Paraspace and JPEG’d stakers to vote at the DAO, stated that the Ape Foundation hopes to enable users of these protocols the ability to vote in the next few weeks.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the ApeCoin DAO and will let you know when Paraspace and JPEG’d stakers can cast their coins. Stay tuned for updates!

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