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APES HELPING APES:The BAYC Donated 45 Eth To The Orangutan Outreach.Find Out More About This Charity

As Bored Ape Yacht Club members are getting ready to dive headfirst into the sewer later this week, the club made another donation to the Orangutan Outreach in an effort to save real life apes!

On Tuesday the Orangutan Outreach, a non-profit whose mission is to save the critically endangered orangutans and protect their rainforest homes, took to Twitter, and thanked the BAYC for its recent donation!

“Shout-out & huge thanks to our friends @BoredApeYC, the charity tweeted. “They made a very generous donation (45 ETH) to Orangutan Outreach to support our work protecting orangutans & regrowing forest in Borneo! #BAYC @GordonGoner @CryptoGarga Check out #BoredApe Julius:

Helping real life primates is nothing new for the BAYC. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the BAYC donated $500,000 USD to Orangutan Outreach from the club’s Bored Ape Kennel Club sales back in July and August of 2021.

Currently, the Orangutan Outreach is raising money for its Bored in Borneo Initiative, led by the charity’s Bored Ape, Bored Julius.

“Orangutans are critically endangered in the wild due to industrial scale habitat loss,” Orangutan Outreach previously told the Gazette. “Huge swathes of forest in Borneo and Sumatra are being clear-cut. High value trees are removed for timber and the rest is just burned releasing massive amounts of carbon into the atmosphere— which is a leading cause of climate change. The land is then converted into oil palm plantations. Palm oil is a cheap vegetable oil used for cooking and as an additive in everything from soap & shampoo to cookies, candy and biodiesel. (It's everywhere!) When the forests are destroyed, adult male orangutans are shot on sight. Babies are captured alive and sold as illegal pets. To be clear, a mother orangutan will never let her baby be taken without a fight, so she is shot as well. Orangutan Outreach helps fund the long-term care of orphaned babies and displaced orangutans who have been rescued! They are rehabilitated so they can be returned to the wild, a process which can take many years. Those who can't go back will need permanent sanctuary care for the rest of their lives and they can live well into their 50s. We also now fund hundreds of acres of reforestation! That's our Bored in Borneo initiative; and the initially fund came from generous support from BAYC in 2021. We want to scale up our reforestation efforts in the new year. The cost is approximately 1 ETH per acre. Apes can help us by making a tax-deductible donation in crypto, fiat, stock and by sharing our posts & tweets, especially our Julius clip! We want people to see that NFTs can be a force for good in the world! But the point is this: Orangutans are critically endangered. We need to save them now—before it's too late! Extinction is Forever.”

Bored Apes and non-apes that are interested in making a tax-deductible donation to the Orangutan Outreach can do so on the charity's website here:

The Bored Apem Gazette will continue to follow the BAYC’s philanthropy and the Orangutan Outreach. Stay tuned for updates!

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