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APES OR PUNKS? Find Out Which NFT Britain's New Prime Minister Prefers:

After Rishi Sunak was named the new Prime Minster of Britain, a video resurfaced of him answering an important NFT related question.

On October 24th, Sunak became Britain’s 57th Prime Minister.

Shortly after this news broke, a video of Sunak answering an important NFT related question made its way around Crypto Twitter.

“Bored Apes or CryptoPunks,” an interviewer asked Sunak a few months ago during a leadership race interview.

"Bored Apes,” Sunak quickly said with a smile.

Following this NFT question, the interviewer asked Sunak his thoughts on Ethereum and Bitcoin. The new Prime minister declined to pick a favorite and instead said, “oh, boy, I'll do a basket of cryptocurrency."

You can check out the clip of Sunak below:

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