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ApesPlus Started Its Own ApeCoin Delegation For Bored Ape Yacht Club Members Where One Ape Equals One Vote.

The Apes Plus team is starting a new delegation at the ApeCoin DAO that hopes to epitomize Apes Together Strong, where one Ape equals one vote, and encourages people who don’t usually vote to get involved.


The ApeCoin DAO has been the talk of the swamp for years as Ape Improvement Proposal authors navigate the ever-changing politics and try to earn delegation votes so they can make their dreams a reality.

While there are region-specific delegations, community delegations, and more around the $Ape ecosystem, there has not been a Bored Ape delegation whose mission is to bring Bored Ape Yacht Club members into the DAO and vote as a block until today, when Apes Plus launched its ApesPlusDAO community.


“ApesPlus was built to empower the APE narrative,” the project tweeted. “Apes Together Strong. Delegate your $APE to apesplusdao.eth and start voting with your BAYC and/or MAYC in the ApesPlus Snapshot. 1 Ape = 1 Vote Post your Ape below for a delegate Badge.”


“Those still holding $APE are the most convicted in the ecosystem,” ApesPlus’ Co-Founder Neon said. “ Unfortunately a few massive entities control majority of the votes when it comes to AIPs and we hope to change that. While we can’t reduce the amount they hold, we can collectively move mountains by banding together and finding common ground between us when it comes to proposals. We want to be a force to reckoned when it comes to AIP decisions and voting. We are the apes for the apes.”

When asked what ApesPlusDAO stands for and what they would like to see passed, ApePlus Co-Founder DareVader told the Gazette that the goal is simply to amplify BAYC members' voices and encourage Apes who hold $Ape to get involved.

“The sentiment for Apes having a voice in the DAO was too much to ignore. Instead of waiting for answers or solutions, we decided to be proactive and just start,” he said. “Providing a megaphone for Apes. To use your Club membership as your voting weight and as your contribution to the DAO by participating. Our goal is to onboard more members into the DAO and increase participation by enabling the largest NFT Club to vote using their Ape rather than $APE.”


Since launching the ApePlusDAO delegation this afternoon, 19,287 votes have already been delegated to the group.


If you would like to delegate your $Ape to ApePlusDAO or any of the other $Ape delegations across the Yugaverse, check out the DAO’s delegation page here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow ApePlusDAO and will keep you posted on other delegations across the $Ape ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates!

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han gu
han gu
4 days ago


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6 days ago

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