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APPROVED: The ApeCoin DAO Approved Of The Governance Working Groups Budget. Find Out More:

The ApeCoin DAO approved of the Governance Working Group’s six-month $488,600 USD budget earlier this week and the Stewards told the Gazette that they’re ready to get to work!

On Wednesday, September 27th, the ApeCoin DAO approved of Ape Improvement Proposal 317 titled ‘ApeCoin DAO Governance And Operations Budget’ by Governance Working Group Steward Amplify with 9.8 million $Ape cast in favor of the AIP.

With this AIP’s passing, the ApeCoin DAO will allocate $488,600 USD worth of $Ape to cover the next six months of the Governance Working Group’s expenses, with $348,000 USD of it going towards paying the seven-person Governance Working Group team (Amplify, ALL CITY, Tiger, Lost, 12GAUGE, CryptoLogically and Vulkan) that handles the Ape Improvement Proposal Process and the ApeCoin DAO’s front end operations like Discourse and Discord.

The other $140,600 USD of the of Governance Working Group’s $488,600 USD proposed six-month budget will go towards operational tools, professional services, research and development, community committees, and a one additional month of operational costs as a contingency plan.

Following the budget’s approval, the Bored Ape Gazette reached out to the DAO’s three Governance Working Group Stewards for comment. See what they said below:


“Tough to put all of this in words right now to be honest. I’m really quite proud. We put everything we had into this proposal, and it wasn’t easy finding the right balance combining the Working Group’s originally-written scope with this fresh spin on Governance. One more, which will be really important: I’m also especially proud of the strategy that went into our campaign after the Machi vote. It’s a much different approach playing from behind, and even more-so from that far back… We executed flawlessly and the support from our friends and community who stepped up did the rest. We wouldn’t be here without them.”


“A combination of excitement and relief. But mostly feeling very grateful to the community for backing us up and supporting us with their votes. It’s been amazing to connect with more DAO members who are excited to participate and cultivate ideas together. There’s so much talent and passion coming out from the ApeCoin DAO As for what’s next, we continue looking for tools and solutions to improve the dao. I’m definitely looking forward to the next election cycle starting Nov 1. It’s going to be major in Q4!”


“So grateful for all the coverage and support! I feel inspired tbh. It's always nice to see the community rally behind a proposal and build consensus. What's next? Check our timeline!!! We have a ton of work to do!”

As Amplify referenced, the next six months will be anything but boring for the DAO and the Governance Working Group. Take a look at their six month timeline below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Governance Working Group and their work at the ApeCoin DAO. Stay tuned for updates!

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