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B.A.G EXCLUSIVE: Meet The NBA TopShot User Who Pulled The Lamelo Ball Cool Cats #1

After Nearly 3,000 NBA Topshot users completed the Cool Cats set in hopes of pulling the coveted Lamelo Ball #1, it’s been pulled by “SKANKDITTO.”

“I finally hit,” SKANKDITTO tweeted after his monster pull.

SKANKDITTO, who real name is Zac, has been an NBA Topshot user since January 2021 and from the very beginning of the Cool Cats challenge set, he’s been excited to complete the Master Challenge.

“When I first heard about the Cool Cat Master Challenge my eyes lit up,” Zac said. “Something about the words "Master Challenge" just made me feel like this would have the ultimate reward. It really struck a cord with me. I needed to do this challenge no matter what.”

Zac completed the first three cool cats challenges personally and then decided to purchase the rest of the cards on the marketplace once the challenges ended.

Zac told The Bored Ape Gazette that he had no intentions of opening his Lamelo Ball Cool Cat pack at first and that he actually planned to sell it once that became an option.

However, after a recent Top Shot office hours, Zac changed his mind and opened the pack with his girlfriend.

“So I sat there with my girlfriend and stared at the pack for a few minutes just watching it bounce around,” Zac said. “My girlfriend knew I was on the fence about opening it, but she encouraged me to do it. I sat there in silence as it opened and she was like is ‘That's number 1!’I just shook my head in disbelief like no way. I've been on a high ever since.”

Currently, Zac said he has no plan to sell his Ball moment and is excited to see what Dapper Labs does with the lounge and to see how Ball’s career progresses going forward.

“I've been a fan of LaMelo and the Ball family ever since him and his brothers won a State championship with Chino Hills Highschool,” Zac said. “He's a baller with so much swag, his game is smooth and silky, and I'm excited to see what the future holds.”

Be sure to give Zac a follow on Twitter @ skankditto

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