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BANANA BILL: Special Council Member Captain Trippy Asked The Community How Much The DAO Should Allocate To An ApeChain Web3 Gaming Fund

With ApeChain mainnet expected to launch as part of the Arbitrum Orbit Chains later this summer, ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member Captain Trippy took to the timeline last night and asked the community for its thoughts on an ApeChain ‘Banana Bill’ that would establish a funding program for ApeChain builders and developers.

On Tuesday, Special Council Member Captain Trippy shared a graphic on the timeline highlighting other chains’ Web3 gaming funding programs, which range from Myria’s $40 million USD developer grant program to Immutable’s $500 million USD developer and venture fund.

The graphic also included a blank spot for ApeChain, and he asked the community how much they think the DAO should allocate to a ‘Banana Bill: Apes Gotta Eat’ program.

“Chain ecosystems have fueled their growth with funding programs,” Captain Trippy tweeted. “The attached table has examples of different funding programs for comparison. How do you think we should shape ApeChain's growth?”


Following Captain Trippy’s post, $Ape builders, $Ape holders, and longtime BAYC members filled the timeline with their thoughts on the appropriate size and scope for an ApeChain Banana Bill.


At this time, there is no official AIP for a 'Banana Bill', but Captain Trippy mentioned that he and his team are working on putting a proposal together soon.


“Team working on a very detailed AIP to share more broadly soon," he tweeted. “It’s a great question and varies extremely widely. One thing about the program that is being worked on is commercial agreements, not grants. Looking for token lockups, community incentives, and more from getting funding.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this ‘Banana Bill’ and will let you know when Captain Trippy puts forward a proposal. Stay tuned for updates!

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