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BAYC Collector, TheArtchitech, Purchased A Trippy Fur Ape For 250 ETH

The Bored Ape Yacht Club saw a trippy fur sale early Sunday morning.

Bored Ape #2130 was purchased by BAYC member, TheArtchitech for 250 Eth or nearly $975,000 USD.

“Finally got my trippy! #BAYC #BoredApeYachtClub,” TheArtchitech tweeted after the purchase.

Bored Ape #2130 is a seven trait trippy fur ape with a Hawaiian shirt, wide eyes, a bored bubblegum mouth and a beanie. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #2130 is the 139th rarest ape, according to Rarity Tools.

After the sale, Bored Apes were quick to congratulate TheArtchitech on another big purchase. “Great pick up, BAYC member XBOT ( Hiren Patel) tweeted. “Very very good pick up. Love the colorful theme.”

Bored Ape #2130 is just the latest rare ape purchase by TheArtchitech. As the

Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, TheArtchitech purchased Bored Ape 8135 from BAYC member 888TheVault for a jaw dropping 500.888 Eth or $1,652,000 USD. This was the highest BAYC sale at the time.

After purchasing Bored Ape #2130, TheArtchitech now holds six bored apes and three Bored Ape Kennel Club Dogs, according to Evaluate. Market.

Be sure to follow TheArtchitech on Twitter @ARTMAN141

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