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BAYC Members And The Web3 World Are Trying To Make Their PFPs 'Iconic' As Part Of A New CopyPasta Trend

A longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member shared some wise words on the timeline today about working hard to make your PFP memorable, kickstarting a new copy-pasta trend that resonated around the swamp and the broader Web3 world.

On Saturday, BAYC member 0xWave, who was one of the first people to mint a Bored Ape way back in May 2021, encouraged his Web3 friends to focus less on prices and which NFT project is considered the best, and more on building their own legacies.

“don't buy a pfp because it's iconic make your pfp iconic,” he tweeted.


Following 0xWave’s post, BAYC legends took to the timeline and shared  their iconic IP as part of a new copy-pasta trend.

0xWave’s post not only resonated with his fellow BAYC members but also j-peg enjoyers across the Web3 world from Pudgy Penguins and Bodoggos to Squiggles and Azukis.



As the Web3 community had some fun with this copy-pasta trend, notable CryptoPunk DeeZe, whose 3D glasses-wearing, pipe-smoking, hoodie-wearing Punk is definitely iconic, shared a thread featuring all the honorary NFTs he’s gotten over the years that have cemented his PFP in the culture.



Take a look at some of his honoraries below:

 "After I die my family can donate it and the honoraries to LACMA or some shit," he tweeted.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all the copy-pasta trends around the swamp and will keep tyou posted on all the iconic members of the Web3 world. Stay tuned for updates!



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