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BEEP BEEP: This Meebit Holder Is Transforming His Japanese Mini Truck Into The 'Meebus'

This Meebit holder is planning to turn his Japanese mini truck into a voxel vibe with the help of the Yuga Labs community!


On Thursday, Meebits community Mod, BojangleGuy, stretched his legs and made the best purchase of his life, picking up a mini pickup truck!


“I have ALWAYS wanted one of these trucks,” BojangleGuy told the Gazette after his purchase. “I have no idea why haha I just think they are super rad. I went and looked at a couple locally and the square cab just made me think of meebits.”


After the truck’s cabin reminded him of voxels, BoJangleGuy took to the project’s Discord and asked his fellow Meebits to help him name his new ride. “It is now officially called the Meebus,” BojangleGuy said.


Now that the vehicle had a voxel name, BojangleGiuy and the Meebs began think about what the Meebus should look like and designed a wrap for the truck.



Following last night’s design session, BoJangleGuy told the Gazette that he’s interested in bringing the Meebus to life and Meebin around the world!


“Hopefully we can come up with a cool design and bring it to life," he said. “I would love to have the Yugaverse help crowd fund the wrap and design. It is going to be somewhere around $3k. It would be cool to have a design contest within the Yuga family and the winning design is the one we will do!”


The Bored Ape Gazette will keep you posted on the Meebus. Stay tuned for updates!

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