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Beeple Wants To Feature Your CryptoPunk Inspired Art At His Gallery Next Month. Here's How To Enter:

Calling all artists, Beeple is seeking to spotlight creators in the Web3 space whose art has been inspired by CryptoPunks!

Ten thousand unique 24x24 pixel characters living on the Ethereum blockchain have inspired countless projects and artists since their launch on June 23, 2017.

To celebrate the community and the impact that Punks have had on the space, notable Web3 artist Beeple, who recently acquired his first CryptoPunk, is eager to showcase the community's Punk inspired art at his gallery next month during his Punk Party on September 30th!

“Cryptopunks has inspired an INSANE amount of artwork,” Beeple tweeted this afternoon. “To help celebrate this massive influence on digital art we are are calling on EVERYONE to share their CryptoPunks inspired artwork for the event at Beeple Studios!!”

CryptoPunk inspired artist who would like their work to possibly be showcased at Beeple’s gallery, can submit a J-PEG or GIF File here:

“We wanted to make this dead simple so anyone can participate so all you need to submit is any Cryptopunks-inspired artwork in JPEG or GIF file format," Beeple explained on his website. “In the end we will tile and compile all of the selected submissions into a massive collage which will be shown during the event. We will also be randomly selecting selected artists for free tickets to the event! You will be notified via email if your work is selected for the event and you have won free tickets. (note, multiple submissions welcome but will not increase odds).”

CryptoPunk artist have until August 20th at 11:59 P.M. EST to submit their work.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Beeple’s art submission and will keep you posted on his Punks Party. Stay tuned for updates!

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