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BEHIND THE SCENES: Yuga Labs Gave Voyagers A Look At The Physics Of Otherside's Apes Come Home!

From the way Apes walk and twerk to the way Apes get hit in the groin, the making of Yuga Labs’ Otherside Apes Come Home events pitted the company against physics in a battle to create an experience that was anything but boring!

On Friday, Yuga Labs gave Voyagers their second behind-the-scenes look at the work it took to make its Apes Come Home events a reality!

“Avatars aren’t just defined by their traits, they’re also defined by how they move,” Yuga Labs’ Otherside team explained in today’s X article. “No two species walk exactly the same, so we wanted to bring that principle to collections in Otherside.”

The battle to differentiate the movements of collections on the Otherside didn’t stop at the way Apes walk. Yuga Labs took this concept and expanded it to they way Apes twerked and to the way they reacted to being hit in the crown jewels; which were two the Voyagers favorite ways to express themselves during Apes Come Home.

“Otherside is a place to express your digital identity, which makes our emote system a high priority feature,” Yuga Labs’ Otherside team explained. “In Apes Come Home, the “Twerking” emote got all the attention, but the “Groin Shot” was the true favorite. Voyagers and Apes “self-expressed” a rubber ball into their own groin over 25,000 times, that’s 138 balls to groins per minute (138 BTG/M). To add to the immersion and realism of said Groin Shot, the team made sure the ball had its own rules of physics, allowing it to ricochet off objects in its proximity.”


Today's behind-the-scenes look at the physics of Apes Come Home is the second explainer article that Yuga Labs has shared with the community since Voyagers visited Bored Ape Island on February 29th.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, Yuga Labs gave Voyagers and Apes a behind-the-camera view of their selfie tech last week, explaining the 'why' behind the Kodacamera lens, which Apes used to snap over 140,000 photos and create memories that'll last a lifetime.


“Enabling the community to create and share experiences is core to Otherside,” Yuga Labs explained. “Expression of one’s digital identity is ingrained into Otherside. During our Apefest playtest we saw community members were eager to share images of their 3D Avatar. Thus, the Koda Camera was born.”

Apes and Voyagers can expect more weekly posts and Otherside explainers as part of Yuga Labs Otherside General Manager Eric Reid’s recommitment to building in public.


At this time, we do not know when Apes will be back on Otherside’s Bored Ape Island, but we do know that Meebits will be heading to Meetropolis later this Spring for a ‘Meebs Come Home’ Otherside experience.



The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Otherside and will let you know when Voyagers will be able to visit the metaverse again. Stay tuned for updates!

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