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Bored Ape Yacht Club Co-Founder Garga Said That The HV-MTL Forge Won't Be Like DooKey Dash

Updated: May 27, 2023

In a recent Discord exchange Bored Ape Yacht Club Co-Founder Garga said that the HV-MTL Forge game will will be different from DooKey Dash.

On Thursday, e-sport player and DooKey Dash extraordinaire, Orangie, and other BAYC members were in the club’s Discord channel discussing monkey business when Garga chimed in and gave everyone some alpha on the upcoming game.

“Gonna be a different game this time,” Garga wrote. “Dunno if the best at DooKey Dash are going to be the best at forge…”

The Forge that Garga is referring to in his post is the HV-MTL Forge that was first teased in March 2023 on the Club’s HV-MTL website.

“In HV-MTL Forge: build and customize a workshop that prepares your HVs for their evolution," the BAYC wrote. “Show off your creations to climb the leaderboard and unlock special abilities. Take risks and face the dangers of the rift to discover blueprints, gather materials, and craft upgrades.”

At this time, it is unclear when HV-MTL Holders will get their chance to compete in the HV-MTL Forge. But many believe that this game is the Journey To EVO2 game scheduled to begin in June, as mentioned on the BAYC's MDvMM website.

While there is still a lot we do not know about the HV-MTL Forge game, we do know that HV-MTL NFTs are dynamic and that holder’s choices will impact them.

“Your HV is a unique, dynamic NFT that evolves based on your decisions, so don't fuck this up," the club explained. “There are eight different HV-Types and countless different trait combinations. Each has its own skills, personality, and roles, but they're all designed to transform.”

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the HV-MTL collection and will let you know when the BAYC releases new information on the Forge. Stay tuned for updates.

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