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Bored Ape Yacht Club Member Books And His Friends Gave Away Nearly $3K To The Community On Christmas

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member and his friends decided to spread some Christmas cheer yesterday; twenty dollars at a time!

BAYC member DaoKwonDo AKA Books, Richyrich, and Dronerogan gifted $2,750 USD worth of Eth to community members on Christmas day.

Books, who personally gave away $2,000 USD worth of Eth, does not usually do much on Christmas; but after a tough year in crypto he felt compelled to help.

“I don’t really do anything for Christmas. I Don’t exchange gifts with anyone, just my girlfriend. And I wanted to bless people,” Books said. “It’s a bear market, I know people are messed up. Since May, Luna rugged the whole market, then ftx. I just knew doing this would bring cheer, life, and smiles onto the faces of people in Web3. Web3 Twitter, BAYC, Yuga, and even other nft communities have shown me so much support on Twitter all year, supported me on Twitter spaces with my growth and giving back was all I could do.”

Books’ told the Gazette that he’s a big believer in paying it forward and that he tries to brighten other’s days whenever he can!

“I always have done these things,” Books said. “Starbucks drive through, never been without buying the car behind me coffee every morning unless there was no car behind me. I’m a pay it forward kind of person and I love web3, love the growth, and always wanted to see it thrive.”

After his Christmas giving spree, tons of people reached out and told Books that he and the Web3 Exposed team’s generosity made their holiday merry and bright!

“Countless people reached out, like hundreds. Super grateful, loved it,” Books said. “A lot of people commented their reactions, DMd me privately. It was insane.”

Make sure to check out Books’ Web3 Exposed Twitter Sapce program and make sure to follow Books on Twitter @DaoKwonDo.

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