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Bored Ape Yacht Club Parent Company, Yuga Labs Is Hiring A Solidity Dev And Teased "Future Projects"

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

The Bored Ape Yacht Club’s parent company, Yuga Labs, tweeted out a job opening for “Solidity Blockchain Devs for future projects” at the company causing the BAYC community to speculate about the future.

“YugaLabs is looking for Solidity Blockchain Devs for future projects,” The company tweeted this afternoon. “If interested, please send your up to date LinkedIn, resume, portfolio (if you have it), GitHub and anything else you think is relevant to Pls use the subject line: Solidity Blockchain Dev.”

A solidity blockchain developer is “one who uses the object-oriented Solidity language to build and deploy smart contracts on Ethereum based applications," according to “Solidity is the native language of Ethereum which gives enterprises a complete advantage of launching projects on the Ethereum Blockchain platform.”

Based on what a solidity developer is, and Yuga Labs mention of future projects, bored apes are excited to see what the company has in store for the BAYC.

“Seeing "future projects" in the tweet from Yugalabs got my ape heart pounding,” BAYC member NooFooToo tweeted.

While it is unclear what Yuga Labs was referring to when they tweeted “future projects, “one thing is clear. Landing a job at Yuga Labs would be a huge opportunity for anyone in the NFT space.

“Is this the most coveted dev job in NFTs rn," BAYC member TropoFarmer tweeted. “No doubt the pay will be much worse than a god tier dev can earn on their own, but this would be a hell of a feather in your cap.”

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