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Bored Apes Lead Denver Broncos To Another Victory

Bored Ape Yacht Club members Von Miller and Brandon MacManus represented the club well on Sunday leading the Denver Broncos to victory over the New York Jets.

The Broncos defeated the Jets 26-0, marking the Broncos first defensive shut out of the year. Miller, Bored Ape #4733, made his presence known Sunday making three tackles and one sack. On the season, Miller now has four sacks and is currently tied for the fourth most sacks in the league, according to ESPN.

Like Miller, McManus, Bored Ape #9867, also had a solid performance on Sunday, going four for four on field goal conversions. McManus’ longest field goal conversion of the day was from 47 yards out. Along with his four field goals, McManus also converted two extra points. McManus is currently perfect on the season converting every field goal and extra point he has attempted so far, according to ESPN.

Next week the 3-0 Broncos face off against the Baltimore Ravens in their first big game of the season.

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