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BORED PLUSH: Take A Look At The Bored Of Directors Upcoming Line Of Bored Stuffed Animals

The Bored of Directors teased its upcoming line of cuddly creatures, and they look as bored as they do soft!

On Friday, Bored of Directors founder, Alex Locke, shared a photo of the brands new line of Bored Ape stuffed animals on Twitter.

"These plushies may be soft but they go HARD," he tweeted.

“Plush toys was one of the first ideas that came to us when we thought about utilizing our IP," Bored of Directors Co-Founder BoredClint told the Gazette. “We’re blown away by the quality of the products and these are only the prototypes. I can’t wait to share what else we have in the works as this is only a dent in the fully operational BAYC IP Death Star we are putting together.”

The Board of Directors plush toys are roughly 15 inches tall and are modeled after six Bored Apes.

“As a service ape, it’s nice to finally have a ‘plush’ job with benefits,” BAYC member and Service Ape JP told the Gazette after he saw his primate in plushie form!

Take a closer look at the stuffed animals below:

“It’s really awesome to see the potential of the BAYC IP come to life into something that looks like it belongs on shelves or makes a perfect gift,” Bored of Directors member Daytona The ape said.

At this time, the Bored of Directors does not know when or where these plushies will be available for purchase, but they hope to have more information on that in the next month.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow the Bored of Directors and will keep you posted on their stuffed animal collection!

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