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CHECK IT OUT: Myth Division Is Celebrating This Fourth Of July By Releasing American Ape #6

Myth Division is celebrating 247 years of American independence with the release of American Ape Issue #6!

“Monday! July 3rd Issue #6 of American Ape drops at the usual mint URL (,” Myth Division tweeted. “New Arc! New Character! Let’s #R1S3 to meet someone from THE ENCLAVE!! The storyline incorporates some OFFICIAL @0n1Force lore tidbits through the eyes of our Nameless Exile…”

“American Ape has landed in Orangurock,” Myth Division wrote as a prologue to issue #6 on its website. “It was much more of a crash than a smooth arrival. But everyone seems to think he's someone named Ryan Apeling. Is he? Why can't he remember? What exactly does the B-A-Y-C on his hat mean? And why exactly is everyone he meets trying to kill him?”

Longtime American Ape readers and comic book enthusiast can either burn a previous issue of the American Ape for issue #6 or they can spend .036 Eth and get a new NFT that includes one of five different cover arts!

The window to purchase issue #6 of the American Ape is currently open. Apes can pick up their copy here:

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