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CHECK IT OUT: Myth Division Is Celebrating This Fourth Of July By Releasing American Ape #6

Myth Division is celebrating 247 years of American independence with the release of American Ape Issue #6!

“Monday! July 3rd Issue #6 of American Ape drops at the usual mint URL (,” Myth Division tweeted. “New Arc! New Character! Let’s #R1S3 to meet someone from THE ENCLAVE!! The storyline incorporates some OFFICIAL @0n1Force lore tidbits through the eyes of our Nameless Exile…”

“American Ape has landed in Orangurock,” Myth Division wrote as a prologue to issue #6 on its website. “It was much more of a crash than a smooth arrival. But everyone seems to think he's someone named Ryan Apeling. Is he? Why can't he remember? What exactly does the B-A-Y-C on his hat mean? And why exactly is everyone he meets trying to kill him?”

Longtime American Ape readers and comic book enthusiast can either burn a previous issue of the American Ape for issue #6 or they can spend .036 Eth and get a new NFT that includes one of five different cover arts!

The window to purchase issue #6 of the American Ape is currently open. Apes can pick up their copy here:

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10 июл. 2023 г.

It was a very cool day and occasion to choose to release a new part, it was very cool, I celebrated the Fourth of July in Greece, it was nice to relax knowing that you have a great translator from English to Greek, it made the vacation unforgettable, without the language barrier everything went just fine, we celebrated the Fourth of July to the fullest, and you pleased me with your post and the new part. In short, the Independence Day was a success.

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