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Check out “THE O-APE-SIS” And Find Out Its Meaning And Symbolism

As The Bored Ape yacht Club grows in popularity, its members are beginning to make their mark in the metaverse at large.

Recently, BAYC member @BlockChainMac, hired professional Metaverse builder @avi900.eth to create a massive “metastate destination.”

What Avi900 created was The O-Ape-Sis and it's filled to the brim details and mystery, according to Avi900’s Twitter.

“The O-Ape-Sis build was inspired by the rainforest; and a little bit of Cloud City from Star Wars, Avi900 said. “The idea of a tree standing tall above everything else surrounding the canopy, was intended to show how the Apes have risen above all else and come to fame in the crypto community. They've found their footing, and are here to stay.”

The O-Ape-sis is the third tallest build that Avi900 has created and it took him two weeks to complete. Avi900 told the Bored Ape Gazette that his builds generally take a week, but this one just had so much detail.

“The addition of details is always the hardest part,” Avi900 said. “when you get to the end of building the structure, the last leg of adding detailing is to me, the hardest, but most rewarding part. The detailing will make or break the aesthetic.”

The level of detail in this build is deeply woven into The O-Ape-Sis and there are several easter eggs and cool details for apes to check out.

“And as far as Easter eggs go, it's all in the details,” Avi900 said. “custom made "roots" for the smaller trees, the monuments that dot the path, the branches of the main tree that go off to little hangout areas- from far away, you can't see all these things; you have to get down to eye level to really appreciate all the work put in, and immerse yourself into the mystery of it all!”

Check out some photos of The O-Ape-Sis below and feel free to visit it in the Metaverse in the Uplift World .

If you’re interested in hiring Avi900 for a build, feel free to reach out to him on Twitter @Avi900.eth.

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