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Check Out The Results From Punk Comic's Ape Madness

Punks Comic’s Ape Madness has come to an end and the eight bored apes that will be featured in the comics second issue have been determined.

After a hard fought final round here are the elite eight:

Boring Bored Ape defeated Black Hat 59.924% to 40.07%

Biz defeated Capetain Trippy 51.349% to 48.651%

Hanzo defeated Mr. Mori 52.246% to 47.754%

Gold-Rilla defeated Dr. Goldenbunny 6-.436% to 39.564%

Lone Star Sacca defeated Rinko 63.158% to 36.842%

Mapel Defeated Blaze 54.63% to 45.37%

King Blackbored defeated Marley 63.018% to 36.982%

Tropoape defeated Jessica 53.806% to 46.194%

Check out the elite eight below:

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