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Check Out This Bored Ape's Entertainment Venue, "The Thought Box"

As the Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to grow, more and more Bored Apes are building in the Metaverse.

Bored Ape McNaney.eth recently hired Metaverse Developer, Avi9000 to create “ The Thought Box” in the Sandbox Metaverse game. McNaney hopes for the Thought Box to an entertainment destination on the Ethereum blockchain, according to the venues official twitter account.

To build Mcnaney’s dream venue, Avi told the Bored Ape Gazette that he was inspired by the architecture of a Dallas area museum.

“My inspiration came partly from the Perot Museum,” Avi said. “Living around Dallas Texas, I often see the beautiful architecture of the Perot as well, I've been there a few times, the details are even cooler up close; I'd say the same goes for this build.”

The thought Box is set up to serve as an open air art gallery and also features three stages for live events, according to Avi’s Twitter.

“Could not be happier with the progress of The Thought Box,” Mcnaney tweeted on June 17th. “Big things are comin!!”

A couple of these big things that Mcnaney teased are easter eggs in the build. The first one is Avi’s logo and the second is a surprise that will be revealed by Mcnaney in the future.

“You'll have to wait and see,” Avi said. “He's the one that'll reveal the second Easter egg!”

Going forward, Avi is confident that the BAYC community will continue to be key players in the metaverse, especially after apes purchased a ton of Sandbox land earlier this month.

“I see apes being the kings of the Metaverse in more sense than one,” Avi said. “There's already so much they're doing for the community, and as well, they’re itching to spend on builders, or doing it themselves, to develop the Metaverse; I think what they come up with now, will be historical artefacts for the future; some of the first business oriented plots are already springing up.

Check out some photos of the Thought Box here:

Be sure to check out the Though Box in the Sandbox at these coordinates Plot (-126, -171).

Also, make sure to follow Avi on twitter @avi900.eth and Mcnaney @Wannabeeple

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