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COMING UP: Laughing Ape's Third Comedy Show Is Happening Tomorrow Night In Austin Texas! Here's How You Can Attend

The ApeCoin DAO-funded initiative, Laughing Ape, will be cracking jokes with Apes, Mocas, Punks, and Web3 cowpokes in Austin, Texas, tomorrow night during what will be the funniest Consensus 2024 side event!

At 6 P.M. Central Time tomorrow, Bored Ape Yacht Club member and Laughing Ape Comedy Founder, Aaron Haber, along with a crew of comedy cowboys and cowgirls, will be taking the stage at Creek & Cave in Austin for the third-ever Laughing Ape comedy show!

“I’m excited to perform for $APE Holders in Austin for our 3rd AIP-346 Comedy show,” Haber told the Gazette. “We’re sold out but DM me and I’ll try to get you in!”

$Apes who cannot attend tomorrow night’s live comedy show in person but are looking for a good laugh, fear not. As part of Haber's ApeCoin DAO-funded AIP, he has put together an $Ape-themed metaverse comedy club alongside a Mocaverse venue that community members can attend through the ApeCoin DAO Discord!

To attend the show via the metaverse, check out the DAO’s Discord server here:


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Laughing Ape and will let you know when and where the project's next show takes place. Stay tuned for updates!

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