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COMING UP: The ApeCoin DAO Will Be Hosting A Series Of ApeChain Spaces With The Teams Vying To Build It!

The ApeCoin DAO announced that it will be hosting a series of Spaces between now and February 14th to go over all things ApeChain with the various teams who are vying to build it!

The ApeCoin DAO is in the middle of one of the most important votes in the coin's nearly two-year history as the community first decides whether or not it wants an ApeChain, followed by a vote to determine who will build it.

“ApeCoin is hosting a series of X spaces with ApeChain RFP proponents to discuss & debate their ApeChain proposals,” the DAO announced this evening. “The schedule includes times for North America, Asian, & European time zones Check out the schedule below, set some reminders, & bring your questions!”

“Awesome to see the decentralized Apecoin DAO team come together to coordinate spaces to discuss #ApeChain with timezones across the world,” ApeCoin Special Council Member CaptainTrippy tweeted. “Something for everybody! $ape Tune in and learn about (my opinion) the @apecoin DAO's most important vote since the start!”

The ApeCoin DAO’s first ApeChain space will be tomorrow morning from 9-11 a.m. EST with the A-Team and Optimism group.

"The @apecoin DAO is kick-starting a massive week of high-level conversations about one of the most anticipated events yet: ApeChain,” ApeCoin DAO Facilitator Chirs tweeted, “Come join me and  @HodlrCollective as we sit down with  @machibigbrother, @lumbergdoteth and the A-Team to discuss their vision for ApeChain.”

Take a look at the DAO's two week ApeChain Spaces schedule below:

The Bored Ape Gazette will be in attendance during tomorrow morning’s space and will bring you live tweets from this space along with the others over the next two weeks. Stay tuned for updates!

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