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CRAFT& FORGE: HV-MTL Holders Have Until Tomorrow To Craft Their Mechs With Wagmi-San To Get A Reward

Wagmi-San added HV-MTLs to the list of NFTs that he’s willing to craft last week, and HV-holders have until tomorrow afternoon to craft their mechs, receive a bonus in the Forge, and enlist their new NFTs in the latest Battle Town season 2 mission!

Season two of the HV-MTL Forge is set to end this Thursday and to help Forgers finish the season strong, and to celebrate the game’s inclusion into the Yugaverse, the legendary Wagmi-San added the robotic creatures into his 10KTF collection!

“New Nest. New Tokyo. HV-MTL crafting is live on,” Wagmi-San tweeted last Thursday. “Get a HV-MTL Forge bonus when your HV crafts a 10KTF item and joins next Mission on bonus: (1) Dealer’s Choice (1) Well Behaved (1) Feral Pack (1) Overachiever (1) Bliss. To begin, the HV you craft with must have placed at least 1 tile in Forge. To get the bonus pack, use your HV-MTL to craft a 10KTF item. Then, join today’s Mission on using your HV, equipped with matching 10KTF item(s). Register for the Mission by August 9, 2023 at 2:45 PM PT.”

Following Wagmi-San’s announcement, the BAYC took to Twitter and encouraged HV-MTL holders to craft their Mechs and enlist in 10KTF’s latest Battle Town mission, ‘Wen Wen!’

“HVs, WAGMI-SAN is calling. Answer the call by crafting a 10KTF item and joining Mission 070(coming soon) to be granted an in-game bonus pack featuring power ups for HV-MTL Forge,” the BAYC tweeted follow Wagmi-San’s post.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Wagmi-San, Battle Town Season 2, and the Hv-MTL Forge. Stay tuned for updates!

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