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Crypto Artist Mike Winkelmann Beepled All Over This Bronze Curtis Statue!

This Bored Ape Yacht Club member was quite excited to meet Mike Winkelmann AKA Beeple last night and the proof is all over Curtis’ bronze pants!

After a last-minute decision, BAYC member White-House.Eth went down to London and met his favorite crypto artist Beeple at an event!

While many people had the notable artist sign posters and prints, White-House.Eth asked Winkelmann to Beeple all over his bronze Curtis Statue from the BAYC’s mobile game competition.

“I collected the 1 of 50 bronze statue last month knowing it’s a great piece of Ape history and a beautiful showpiece,” White-House told the Gazette. “I just knew it was the perfect thing to get signed.”

Winkelmann obliged and did not disappoint! Armed with a white oil pen and a few moments of thought, the artist drew an interesting stain all over Curtis’ pants and legs.

“It’s funny, it’s on-character, it’s tongue-in-cheek in an American-to-Britain way, and most importantly it now makes this statue a truly special piece of Bored Ape history, White-House.Eth told the Gazette. “From 1 of 50 to 1/1. Beeple also joked about losing a lot of apecoin for…‘defacing’….the statue, which was hilarious.”

After White-House.Eth’s Curtis was Beepled, he now plans to put the bronze statue on display with “parental guidance advised.”

“This 1 of 1 piece of art is moving into our permanent collection and will take prime position with a new display," White-House.Eth tweeted. “Parental Guidance advised ‘Goddamnit, you just cost me a lot of fuckin’ @apecoin’ - Beeple, 2023.”

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