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ELECTION 2022: The 1st Round Of Special Council Voting Begins Tonight. See Who's Running Here

After weeks of campaigning, the Apecoin community is set to determine which five Special Council nominees will officially become candidates for the bored!

The ApeCoin DAO is holding its first of two Special Council votes this week beginning at 9 P.M EST.

During this first vote, $Ape holders will cast their ballots for their preferred nominees. The top five vote getting nominees will move on to the next round and become candidates for the Special Council election later this month.

In total, 42 $Ape holders tossed their hats in the ring and ran forSpecial Council this election season.

Take a look at why each candidate thinks you should vote for them below and make sure to cast your ballots before next Wednesday!

@LogicallyCrypto- “With one of the most diverse backgrounds and skill sets of any potential candidate, my passion for financial transparency and organization is rivaled only by my passion for the advancement of our ApeCoin community. I am an ideal fit for this role as Special Council member, and I implore you to strongly consider my nomination. Thanks to all involved for your time and consideration.”

@nftgerry- “For more than 30 years, I have spread awareness in emerging methods of digital congregation. I believe the next evolution is here and that ApeCoin is the tool we will use to broadcast that evolution to the world, ushering in a new era of digital experiences. I pledge that I will keep the same dedication, selfless work ethic, and passion I have shown to this community during the past 15 months going forward.I look forward to working with the other Special Council members and the community throughout 2023 and beyond! I Love You all and can’t wait to see you in The Otherside.”

@novocrypto- “If elected, I will serve the Apecoin community in my role as a Special Council member in a full-time capacity and use my skills and credentials in de-gov, research, higher education, community building, mediation, conflict resolution, and diplomacy to help us grow in a fair, accountable, transparent and impactful way. I will help Apecoin DAO to achieve the goals of sustainable growth, financial longevity, and increased token utility and adoption metrics. Thank you for supporting me as I continue to support the Apecoin community!”

@Pacey_eth- “I bring a breadth of experience, a strong network, and a humble persona. I truly want the ApeCoin DAO to succeed. I want this to be the benchmark and north star for DAOs in this space. I can lead by example, learn from my peers, collaborate with others in this space, and execute on tasks and responsibilities. I look forward to representing this space for the next term!”

@camolNFT- “A vote for camol is a vote for the people. Do we really need more ape holders governing this space, or should our voices be represented too?”

@BoredApeG- “There is an unquestioned divide between the current Special Council and the broader ApeCoin community. We need to bridge this gap in order to be seen as an effective leadership group.I am the best choice for Special Council because I am independent from its present members and Yuga Labs investors, have already been an active contributor to the ApeCoin DAO, have the professional skill set required to navigate the legal, tax, and regulatory roadblocks we face to progression and most of all I can bring the perspective from an OG Bored Ape and NFT degen into meetings and interactions. All this combined will allow me to make impactful change immediately for the community.The present Special Council absorbed great personal risk in taking responsibility for ApeCoin DAO at its inception; we are all on the same team. I can optimize the value provided by the current council and new members by letting them focus on their strengths, while I do the work in the trenches to build out our organizational infrastructure. By accomplishing this, we can develop and leverage the latent talents of the best community in web3, YOU, our ApeCoin holders!”

@dylanshub_-“ The Ape DAO & Yuga ecosystem are the embodiment of everything I love about Web3. I am passionate about governance, decentralization and the coming Metaverse; spending my time managing DAOs that deal with many issues that Ape DAO is currently dealing with or will face. I am an avid researcher, critical thinker and regularly host spaces & panels devoted to all things Web3.In addition to my years of professional experience in the worlds of finance, fine art & Web3. I have also been an avid collector, gamer & metaverse explorer bringing with me direct experience and a deep understanding of the members and user needs.

Actions speak louder than words and though this space is still in its infancy my track record in it will show that I am extremely hard working, passionate, driven & devoted to seeing the internet of the future flourish beyond even Satoshi Nakamoto’s wildest dreams.

@BoredElonMusk- “I think of this identity BoredElonMusk as a very early example of a web3 project. Before NFTs were a thing, I created a highly visible and arguably valuable NFT…and I created it 9 years ago. So if nothing else, I can show that am consistent, I am trusted, and not afraid to experiment with weird things and technology way before they become commonly accepted.”

@CypherGlaze- “I’m an easy going and passionate person. I’m transparent and have a deep sense of responsibility. I breath Web3 and I’m now full time focused on the space with a large amount of time to dedicate to the Special Council. I don’t take this role lightly and will be devoted to my mission.

@Degentraland- “The ApeCoin DAO should strive for mainstream adoption without compromising the unique culture of its community. I’ve been one of the most active and supportive members of the BAYC ecosystem — both in a professional and personal capacity. I intend to bring that same passion to the Special Council. My intimate knowledge of and relationship with ApeCoin’s main partners — including Yuga Labs, Horizen Labs, Animoca, and Improbable — coupled with my devotion towards decentralization and the open metaverse make me an ideal candidate.

@notpeterNFT- “Yuga Labs was built on top of its unbelievable community. We need to foster effective lines of communication to the Apecoin community through the lens of a degen trader. I will be the medium to communicate to those who truly built the entire NFT and crypto space. If we lose the degens we lose our bridge to carry us to mass adoption.”

@lior_eth- “I believe that ApeCoin Special Council members should have entrepreneurial, operational, as well as corporate experience. I bring all of this experience, as well as an incredibly deep industry know-how and understanding of the community. For these reasons, I am one of the best-equipped candidates to take on such an important task.”

@BRYTE_APE- “I think I am the best choice for Special Council because I’m young (23), motivated, and forward thinking. I have the time available to dedicate to this role and I want to take advantage of this opportunity to help benefit this busy community and ensure everyone stays informed and has their voices heard.”

@MS_NFTy- “I am one of the best candidates because of my ability to adapt like water, apply my entrepreneurial problem solving skills and various resources across an array of industries to the DAO, providing us as a whole, a stronger support system and partners. All of which will insure we are building a STRONG foundation to make a greater impact and execute long term vision that is built to weather the market’s harsh storms.”

@shapob- “Bring creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to bridge the gap between the complicated tech and real work application of said tech.”

@jerediscool- “I’m the best choice for Special Council because I’m different. I don’t have a huge vault of apes or a huge stack of $ape sitting around. I don’t have tens of thousands of followers who blindly follow me into everything I do. I don’t want to manipulate the system into just benefitting the upper tier of holders, I want to do what’s best for the holder with everything they can afford in their respective pools and make sure no holders are left behind. We can’t all make it if the ones in charge don’t represent everyone.”

@Herb_Castillo- “I have earned the trust, respect, and love of many in the web3 community by leading with an open heart, showing up every day, and honoring the values and traditions we hold closely. We have lots of heavy lifting to set the foundation for those who may come after us, but I know one thing… Apes Together Strong!”

@giacolmo- “As a Special Council member I would exercise the role with impartiality, transparency, openness to the community. Support the maximization of Apecoin growth and adoption in a sustainable and responsible way will be my utmost goal.”

@badte_eth- “I’ve spent my life at the intersection of art, sport, and technology and I’ve been fortunate to help pioneer some major cultural advances in my chosen world. 411VM connected skateboarders around the globe to what they loved before the internet. Innoskate has brought the Smithonian and skateboarding together in what the National Museum of American History has called their most successful partnership with an outside group, ever. And despite the challenges of the pandemic, skateboarding’s debut in the Tokyo Olympic Games was an incredibly successful watershed moment for culture-based sport. Connecting people and passion in an authentic way has been my strength, and with my passion for Web3 and the ApeCoin ecosystem I look forward to doing the same for the ApeCoin DAO.”

@pizza_horserace “My passion for the BAYC Community is strong. My skills as a lawyer makes me highly qualified to make the DAO more efficient and reduce the time in takes for the community to vote on an approved AIP. Lastly, it is important to note that I’m not a whale and I intend to use this position to advocate those in our community who are sometimes overlooked.”

@heffjobbs- “I believe in the project and willing to fight for the DAO in all trouble we may face from a legal standpoint. I believe in crypto and the future of decentralized finance lead by DAOs. It would be an honor to dedicate my time to this cause and look forward to working to bring the vision to reality.”

@jarrensj – “ I think I am the best choice for Special Council because I truly care about the ape ecosystem, have background knowing the market (having participated), as well as can access well the effort of development of things being a software engineer background.”

@IgorPogany-“ The DAO needs to lower the barrier of entry and introduce a new way for busy people to follow all important internal activities. I currently bring weekly news to busy Otherside holders on YouTube and I hope to bring my expertise in communications and video content to the Ape Coin DAO and eventually make it simpler for interested outsiders to participate.”

@Crazzycrypto1- “I think I can help allot if need.”

@RaoulGMI- “My deep experience, passion for social token economies, the ApeCoin project, the broader BAYC community, Web 3 and meta verse, along with my public reach and trust, make me uniquely positioned to not only help build and support the ApeCoin ecosystem, but to crucially ensure that trust and standards are kept to the absolute highest level, whilst allowing for innovation and momentum.”

@theJVB- “A vote for me is a vote for a candidate who listens, a candidate with a vision, and a candidate who understands the restraint necessary to not impose oneself in a decentralized community. I understand what the job requires and will work with my colleagues to ensure a vibrant, accessible, and equitable ecosystem.”

@JtotheT369- “I am the best choice for council because I represent every ape and will consider all avenues before making timely decisions.”

@bernard_xyz - “I quit my full-time job to do this - help DAOs with strategy, finance, and governance. I would be honored to be part of the ApeCoin Special Council, and I strongly believe that I can make a real contribution to making the ApeCoin DAO the world’s leading gaming economy - with my experience from McKinsey, building own DAOs, and my strong network from research work with web3 leaders (Seb from Sandbox, Punk6529, gmoney and others).”

@0xNFTC – “Don’t hesitate to DM me on Twitter to chat. I’ll also happily set up a phone call 1:1 or host a Twitter Space for all to join. If elected, I’ll maintain those open lines of communication via phone, email, DMs, and spaces on a full-time basis. Remember, the Special Council is supposed to work for YOU! I’ll devote my time to servicing the DAO and community with open doors.”

@aaronpayas – “Combination of skills and location, there is no council member in Gibraltar.”

@HollanderAdam – “As someone with decades of experience running successful businesses and having spent the last 18 months focused on evangelizing and educating the broader market on NFTs and the metaverse, I believe I’m uniquely positioned to add value to the DAO. It would be an honor to help progress the $APE ecosystem forward.”

@kouroshbehnam – “The combination of my digital marketing, business, and web3 community experiences will help be serve the ApeCoin community as best as I can.”

@kenforest6 “I would like to take up this challenge position as a DAO Special Council member.”

@FunkyFred16 – “In summation, I’m a great candidate for the Special Council because I am FULLY doxxed, I’m a dad to an autistic child, live my life as an accountant and therefore, always calculate what would be the best option. Lastly, I have never even once listed my mutant #5312 for sale (which was purchased on mint day). This is my forever ape. NostradamusTheApe.eth. I see a future where we all flourish. Thank you all.”

@DuquePawlovsky – “I’m a simple human that don’t give up on people with life and work experiences related to this work. Being a council is not a crown wearing and even crown is heavy when someone puts it on you. This is a job for people, it’s being a servant and bringing clarity of any intent and motion for action. How things done is important, not just a result and I want to help bringing the perspective of many and make everyone herd. Let’s do it together!”

@8zalNFT – “After 2+ years of focusing solely on the crypto world, I consider myself to be learned in the field and wish to help share that knowledge with the ApeCoin community. Combining this with my demeanor, approachability, openness and willingness to learn, would make me a good choice for the Special Council.”

@ZastrowBradley – “I believe the APE community would be best served with a Special Counsel member having long & direct experience in Partnerships and Governance that cuts across both TradFi and Crypto.My direct experience cuts across TradFi and Crypto does that with an additional focus on the payments industry. Important if a goal of APE is to be adopted as a form of payment. Being a two-time AIP proposal owner also provides me with a unique insight into what it’s like to currently work with the DAO and how we can improve. I also believe the Special Counsel should be more proactive and not just be paid generals governing soldiers who volunteer. This can take many forms but lowest hanging fruit is by advancing APE interests through partnership building, DAO improvements and participating in the proposal process

@KarlAhrend – “I bring class-A finance and investment experience (Blackstone, JP Morgan, Own Investments) and a strong network (Punk DAO, Leading Crypto Comps and VCs) to set up the ApeCoin Ecosystem Fund for future success.”

@post_grid – “In 2017 I started my daily journey of cryptocurrency research. I became obsessed, reading every article I could find and watching every video I could see, in a mission to understand. I would dream about the potential of collectibles on the blockchain and discuss the possibilities with film colleagues about how the tech could completely disrupt the current industry model. Then I found NFTs, and it clicked. I dove into the space, the flames of my obsession fueled, and my research of crypto shifted to NFTs. When I came across BAYC on May 1st 2021 there was no question in my mind. I attended the first Venice Ape meetup, 10ktf at NFTLA, ApeFest 2 and surrounding NFTNYC events. I’ve collaborated with multiple other IPs, and check in with communities daily even with a now demanding 60 hour per week film schedule. I’ve been here for every twist and turn this space has taken, and I’m never leaving. As an active member of BAYC, ApeCoin, Otherside, 10ktf, MythDivision, Deadfellaz, Jenkins, the Hundreds, Forgotten Runes, Skullx, Gala, Animo, and so many more communities, web3 and decentralization is my life. I will bring a lifetime of experience in traditional entertainment to the Special Council, and will work tirelessly to uphold the values of DAO governance, decentralization, transparency, and community representation with every breath and keystroke.I know what Web3 can be because I know first hand what Web2 isn’t.”

@YourstrulyVish – “I’m a web3 native since 2016.Witnessed two boom and bust cycles in crypto,Minter with regards to the BAYC ecosystem and a couple of other NFTs still diamond-handing it (don’t trust me verify on-chain or on Nansen). Having an understanding of Brand IP and being a proponent of that for the BAYC since June 2021 ask me for proof. Always have provided unfiltered advice and helped founders, community members, artists and developers. Believer in the Vision of Yuga Labs and for missing out on ape fest and all other events cuz of US Visa issues and understanding the need to hold events Globally. Would be willing to have an AMA with the community at any time to answer any questions.”

@young8uddha- “I love the yugaverse, I love BAYC, and ApeCoin is the community owned component of this. My life has been focused on helping people take things to a higher level - similar to the Buddha. That is what web3 is about, unburden your self from financial concerns and elevate the ability to collaborate to build cool and new things. I will dedicate my time to take ApeCoin DAO to a new level of community engagement and supporting solutions driving sustainable value.”

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