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'FAT CATS': The Gucci Grail Community& 10KTF Holders Can Get A Free NFT From GrimyFrankie!

The 10KTF Gucci Grail Community is feeling like a bunch of ‘fat cats’ this evening as they claim an airdrop from the group’s founder, GrimyFrankie, for simply being a member of the Grailed!

On Sunday, GrimyFrankie, who is the founder and creator of the community led 10KTF Gucci Grail Community, took to Twitter and announced that he was airdropping  the Grailed fat cat NFTs from his HeckinChonkerz Polygon Project!

“Let's kick things off by offering a free airdrop for 10ktf Gucci Grails (gas on me),” he tweeted from the 10KTFGucciGrail page. “RT to help and reply with a pic of ur grail and the ETH wallet it is in, and we will airdrop you a @heckinchonkerzNFT on @0xPolygon and comment wen it's done!”

GrimyFrankie told the paper that he was inspired to do an airdrop after fellow BAYC member, Neon, started an airdrop group earlier this week!

“I want to show Gucci Grails and 10ktf that they aren't forgotten and to kick off with a bang by including them in an NFT airdrop right away (maybe even before any other groups have received airdrops),” he said. “I had an old Polygon collection from 2022, which was actually the first collection I launched, called "Heckin Chonkers." I spent some ETH making offers and buying hundreds of them back from bots that originally sniped the free mint so that I can start giving them out to 10ktf Gucci Grails, other Grailed/10ktf, and Apes and Mutants too. Just want to start the spirit of the airdrop collection.”


GrimyFrankie’s Heckin Chonkers collection consists of "3611 fat cats so bad they were damned to heck,” according to the collection’s Twitter bio.

"what is a chonker? a chonker is something you must have." - @dalegre,” GrimyFrankie tweeted in reference to Yuga Labs CEO, Daniel Alegre’s iconic Koda comment.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow upcoming airdrop opportunities for the Yugaverse. Stay tuned for updates!

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