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FEELING OPTIMISTIC: Optimism Is Interested In Possibly Building Apechain On Its 'Superchain.'

The ApeCoin DAO is feeling optimistic about its future as Optimism and its ‘Superchain’ join an ever-growing list of $Apes who are interested in bringing ApeChain to life!

A month after talks of a possible Ethereum layer 2 ApeChain began, Optimism Foundation Co-founder and Chief Scientist and ApeCoin DAO Contributor, Ben Jones, took to the community Discourse page and pitched why $Ape should be on his project’s Superchain.

”From conversations with Yuga Labs and other ApeCoin community members, we understand that the DAO is looking for opportunities to scale its revenue model with the peace of mind that comes from building on battle tested blockspace infrastructure,” Jones wrote. “We feel that an ApeChain built on the Optimism Superchain is an extremely strong fit for these goals.”

For those who are unfamiliar with Optimism’s ‘Superchain,’ the Optimism Foundation describes it as “a horizontally scalable network of chains that share security, a communication layer, and an open-source development stack, according to its website. “A permissionless system for deploying new chains to a shared network opens the door to massive scale, novel applications, and a new revenue model that rewards application developers for the fees their chains generate, and rewards protocol developers for the public goods they create.”

Further in Jones’ post, he wrote that if the ApeCoin DAO decides to build its layer 2 ApeChain on Optimism’s Superchain then it will have access to Optimism’s partners, a voice on how the Optimism platform will work, a revenue stream, and access to Optimism’s network of builders. Jones did not share an estimate of what Apechain on Optimism would cost.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, talks of an ApeChain have been taking place since Polygon Labs Co-Founder, Sandeep Nailwal, posted an idea on the ApeCoin DAO’s discourse forum last month that called for the creation of a “ zero-knowledge powered Layer-2 “ ApeChain for ApeCoin.

Since then, Horizen Labs, the company behind the ApeCoin DAO’s staking system and ApeCoin Builder, Lumberg, have each expressed interest in ApeChain.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Apechain. Stay tuned for updates!

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