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Find Out Why This CryptoPunk Owner Bought A Laser Eyed Devil Ape For 109.69666 ETH

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

This handsome devil sold for 109.69666 Eth or roughly 470,000 USD yesterday evening.

Bored Ape #4612 was purchased by BAYC member Punk9059 yesterday evening. Bored Ape #4612 is a six trait golden brown fur ape with devil horns and laser eyes. Based on these traits, Bored Ape #4612 is the #1512 most rare ape, according to Rarity Tools.

For the past three days, Punk9059 has not been able to focus because he knew he wanted to get a “high end ape,” according to his Twitter account.

After the purchase, Punk9059 regained laser focus and laid out the 10 reasons why he purchased a laser eyed ape.

“(1)red lazers have been trading above 100 ETH for more than three months so I didn’t feel like I was chasing the rally.

(2) I like the optionality of owning a truly keynote attribute in apes. Watching punks mature, I know how top attributes create a premium.

(3) BAYC marketing machine is on fire. I’m especially pumped about their Guy Oseary deal as it seems to be paying dividends already.

(4) I think the marketing machine combined with Coinbase NFT launch could be relevant for a new audience.

(5) I checked with my BAYC friends on a bunch of high-end apes (mainly grills) and they seemed to think this the lazer was the best deal.

(6) I know the floors of a lot of attributes are high but red lazers have seen a lot of apes *trade* at >100 prices.

(7) Note that I’m still a punk at heart and think punks are the top 2-3 year play. This just evens my BAYC/punk exposure.

(8) Red lazers still at 120 go get em

(9) ironically I sold my BTC to buy the ape with the BTC eye lazer meme

10) took me 40 years to learn to spell the word "laser"

Be sure to follow punk9059 on Twitter @punk9059

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