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FIRST LOOK: Check Out The Bored Of Directors Bored Ape Yacht Club Action Figures

This Bored of Directors is taking action and entering the world of physical figurines!

The Bored Of Directors, “a turnkey package of 10+ Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs ready to meet all your licensing needs,” has aped into the world of action figures.

“BOD figurines spotted at a toy fair,” the Bored of Directors tweeted earlier today. “Shoutout to @0x_Arnaud for the picture!”

Following the post, the Gazette reached out to the Bored Of Directors to find out more about these boring toys!

“One of our licensees brought the BOD buildable figurines / toys to the Nuremberg International Toy Fair in Germany,”the Bored of Directors said. “@0x_Arnaud recognized them and sent us the picture and video. Awesome to see the concepts become reality and displayed for the world to see. Can’t wait for the products to go live so people can get their hands on them and begin collecting.”

In the photo and video, viewers can see several of the Bored of Directors' Bored Apes in figurine form; complete with Bored of Directors packaging!

“I love how they’re buildable figurines and not one piece,” Bored Of Directors Co-Founder Bored Clint told the Gazette. “It allows you to mix and match the different parts and style them. It’s another layer to the brand we’re building.”

Action figures are not the only physical good that the Bored of Directors has aped into. As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the group also has several BAYC inspired shirts, hoodies, and shorts available at Walmart here:

At this time, the Bored of Directors does not know when its bored figurines will be available for purchase.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow this story and will bring you more information as it becomes available!

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