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FOR THE KIDS: Yuga Labs Introduced The Big Brothers Big Sisters Club Of Miami To Digital Art Today!

Things were anything but boring in Miami today as Garga, IllDaProducer, and RocSol introduced the Magic City’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Club to digital art!

On Wednesday, the Yuga Labs team left the Bored Ape Yacht Club to teach kids about digital art and gift them a bunch of supplies!

 “Introductory Digital Art Class with Big Brothers Big Sisters Club Miami powered by @yugalabs Day 1 was a success,” Cory Van Lew tweeted along with a photo from the event. “Been wanting to give back to the community in a BIG way and something I’m really good at is being a Big Brother.

Showing groups of local kids how art saved my life and helped me reach heights I could never imagine. Today, we unboxed brand new iPads and apple pencils, then I showed the kids how to make some art in a collaborative way with their friends. Over the next month we will work on an art project and at the end I’ll show them how to mint! This is how we build.”

“Cory was amazing with the kids,” Garga tweeted after the event. “So stoked that we can help promote art+tech education for kids in my hometown. Funding a program for digital arts at Big Brothers Big Sisters in the same neighborhood where my mother got her first job at 13 (Burger King). Thank you @coryvanlew for teaching the first lesson and shout out  @illaDaProducer for organizing the program.”


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Yuga Labs’ work with the Big Brother Big Sister Club and will keep you posted on all of their philanthropic efforts. Stay tuned for updates!

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