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'FULL SEND': Bored Jerky Announced Its Affiliate Program Earlier This Week! Here's What You Need To Know:

The Nelk Boys are making moo-ves in the Web3 world after announcing their ‘MetaCard Holder x Bored Jerky Program,’ which hands over 40% of their Bored Ape Yacht Club-inspired snack brand to their community, complete with profit sharing and more!

The Nelk Boys were full sending the timeline earlier this week after releasing more details about their highly anticipated MetaCard Holder x Bored Jerky Program.

“Today, it is our distinct pleasure to announce the exclusive MetaCard Holder x Bored Jerky Program,” the Nelk Boys tweeted from their Metacard account on Monday. “The Program offers MetaCard Holders the opportunity to participate in a one-of-a-kind platform that we have created with the help of product experts, crypto pioneers, and legal professionals. We are excited to announce that we have reserved 40% of Bored Jerky as a Company for YOUR benefit. This 40% is reserved only for MetaCard Holders and represents our belief in this community. For those who do not wish to participate in the Bored Jerky program, we are happy to refund your MetaCard purchase, and we’ll even throw in interest.”


In order to participate in the program, Metacard NFT holders must go to the project’s website and fill out an application before June 20th  here:

By doing this, holders will receive “Phantom Stock totaling 40% of Bored Jerky, immediate revenue share through an exclusive Bored Jerky Affiliate Program, access to the Wholesale Program, early samples for testing new flavors, and semi-annual updates and presentations directly from the management team,” according to the the Nelk Boys.

As the Bored Ape Gazette previously reported, the Nelk Boys’ Bored Jerky debuted on Amazon and the team’s website on April 20, 2024, complete with a different primate on each Bored Jekry flavor's packaging!

Following the launch of the MetaCard Holder x Bored Jerky Program this week, Apes and Metacard holders can look forward to the Nelk Boys advertising on TikTok and Instagram, two retail pushes this fall, and a secret fifth Bored Jerky flavor this winter!


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Bored Jerky and will let you know what the Nelk Boys do next. Stay tuned for updates!

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