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FULL SPEED AHEAD: Captain Trippy Purchased 100 Otherdeeds This Weekend! Find Out Why:

As the tides turn bullish around the swamp, longtime Bored Ape Yacht Club member and ApeCoin DAO Special Council Member turned metaverse mogul, Captain Trippy, set sail for Otherside, adding 100 Otherdeeds to his collection over the weekend!

With Garga back at the helm of Yuga Labs, Apes Come Home happening next week, and Dookey Dash looking like it could onbored the masses, BAYC Member Captain Trippy is bullish on the Yugaverse and is making long-term investments on the community, the ecosystem, and the Yuga Labs team!

“The Yuga NFT ecosystem just entered the bull market,” he told the paper. “Apes and the community loved seeing Garga stepping back up as CEO. They noted in their recent update where things stood with Otherside. I’ve said for a while we are in “foundation” building season, and they essentially confirmed that with Eric Reid's update. I’m playing a long game here. As they say, play long term games with long term people. The Yuga team, and Garga, have clearly committed to this long term and to see this vision brought into (virtual) reality.”

Because he is playing ‘long term games with long term people,’ Captain Trippy aped into 100 more Otherdeeds on Saturday, making him the tenth largest holder, and one of only a few Otherside Voyagers who own one of every resource in the metaverse.

“Otherdeeds are literally the foundation of the Metaverse and I personally want to own as much of it as I can,” Captain Trippy said. “I see deeds as incredibly cheap here. The top of the funnel play by Yuga is about to begin with DDU. Retail is still paying little to no attention to us. Gaming studios are paying little to no attention to us, but we will enter a season where EVERYONE will wish they had a deed to build on. As they say, buy when there is blood in the streets. I’m buying.”

Following this weekend’s purchases, Captain Trippy now holds 450+ Otherdeeds and 22 Kodas, according to him and Otherside Wiki.

The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow Captain Trippy and will let you know what he does next! Stay tuned for updates!

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