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GAME ON: The Gazette's resident Gamer, Mr Mugen, shares His Thoughts On Dookey Dash Unclogged's Closed Beta Tournament!

Yuga Labs and Faraway Gaming Studio blew the lid off the sewer with Dookey Dash Unclogged last week, inviting ten thousand Dashers back into pipes below the Bored Ape Yacht Club for an insane gaming contest!

Take a look at some of thee Gazette's resident Gamer, Mr. Mugen's thoughts on DDU:


OVERALL: The game experience was fun and simple!




In the beta version of DDU there are 26 characters and 29 playable vehicles. Characters include Curtis, Blue the Koda, Meebits, Mutant Apes, HV-MTL and a few Faraway made characters. Vehicles come in different creative shapes and sizes like torpedoes, underwater motorcycles, and even some tobacco based products.



Players can also level up their “season pass” and account by collecting stars after each run, higher scores will earn more stars. The leaderboard is there for competitive players, but Yuga has provided other incentives such as having pfp avatar, banner, and emoji collection. There are 94 avatars, 99 frames, and 52 emoji available to choose for personal customization.


It is unclear whether all characters, vehicles, and collections will all be available when the public version of Dookey Dash goes live, but it makes sense to have players unlock the rewards through gameplay.


Gameplay and controls


Gameplay is smooth and controls are responsive even at high speeds. By holding down on the screen, players will enable a joystick icon and use that to control the rider.

When players double tap the screen or press the dash icon, the rider got a burst of speed for 5-10 seconds. As the rider cruised through the sewers there wee moments where dashing came in handy. 

Next, loot multiplies and adds to the rider's score while power ups like the magnet and clock grant the rider special abilities. The magnet magnetizes the rider and absorbs surrounding loot as the rider passes through the sewer pipes. The clock on the other hand slows down the rider's speed and surrounding environment making it easier to navigate and collect loot.




Swiping is one way to control the rider, but a mouse or a console controller can also be used.



Overall Dookey Dash Unclogged is a fun experience. The concept of the game and controls are simple and for all ages. Just don’t pick the tobacco related vehicles! Even if a player’s goal is not to be number one on the leaderboard, they can still level up their season pass and unlock avatars, banners, and emojis. There’s a possibility that characters and vehicles have to be unlocked by achieving certain accomplishments. Please follow The Bored Ape Gazette to stay updated with new Dookie Dash news and information.




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