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GOOOAAAL:The Mocaverse Scored A Collaboration With OneFootball And Will Be Onboarding Fans With Dot Football IDs!

The Mocaverse shot its shot and scored a collaboration with football media company, OneFootball, that could see millions of fans onboarded to the world of Web3."

On Friday, the Mocaverse community was kicking and screaming for joy after the project announced a new partnership with OneFootball, aiming to onboard millions of fans into Web3 with dot Football ID usernames.


"The world's leading football platform @OneFootball officially signs on to join Realm Network with @ofc_the_club, onboarding 200M+ football fans into the Moca Network,” the project tweeted. “Together, we will curate the ultimate football fan experience through Football ID, your personalized .football digital passport to track and reward fan engagement.”



“We are excited to partner with Mocaverse to bring Football ID to life,” OneFootball CEO Patrick Fischer wrote in a press release. “This initiative represents a groundbreaking step in merging the passion behind football with the innovative possibilities of blockchain technologies. Our mission has always been to connect the world of football. Football ID will become our gateway to enable users to engage in a more meaningful and rewarding way, while embracing the future of digital identity and fan engagement.”


By signing up for a dot football ID, fans will be able to participate in the broader Moca network and earn ‘realm points.’


These points act as Animoca Brands’ loyalty program that can be spent on ‘exclusive access to real-life benefits and rewards, according to Animoca.


The Bored Ape Gazette will continue to follow all things Mocaverse and will let you know when and how football fans can get their dot football IDs. Stay tuned for updates!

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